What Happens When Heavy Snowfall Hits Japan

The weather has been busy setting records in much of Europe and North America and Japan recently joined the list. Downtown Tokyo had one of its heaviest snowfall in years causing transport mayhem throughout the city. Traffic snarl-ups stretched miles as people abandoned cars, trained stopped running and 250 international flights got canceled as the city braved one of its toughest winters.

“It hasn't snowed in Tokyo in four years,” said Tokyo resident Yukimura. “Four years ago we had even heavier snow and a lot less prep. This time everyone except me knew it was coming, apparently. Was a fun surprise for me though!”

Tokyo is dotted with snow sculptures that will put a smile on your face and put old carrot nose in your backyard to shame. Some of the pieces have been shared on twitter and they are proving to be everyone’s favorite. Check out some of the iconic pieces people shared on the internet.


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