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McDonald's Opens A Tiny Restaurant For Bees To Boost Their Dwindling Numbers

Bee species are listed among the animal species going extinct due to human activity. In the USA alone an estimated 44% o..

Dads Share Heart Touching Photos Of Their First Day After Adopting A Son

Having a family is probably the best thing in the world and obviously, there is nothing more important than a family. Th..

Taiwan Becomes The First Country In Asia To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage after its lawmakers spent hours in a voting exerci..

25 Photos That Can Melt Even The Toughest Heart

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'Miracle Baby' Born With Only 20% Of Her Brain Outliving Doctors’ Expectations

Every parent expects their babies to grow into a healthy kid who plays and grow up to be a happy teenager and a producti..