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Luxembourg Becomes The First Country To Make Public Transportation Free

Luxembourg has become the first country in the whole world to offer free public transport in a bid to reduce congestion ..

Scotland Is Becoming The First Country To Make Feminine Hygiene Products Free

Scotland has announced that they're making feminine hygiene products free and will pass the new bill soon. This is to co..

Here’s How World's Famous People Reacted To Bullied Quaden Bayles’ Crying Video

Popular names from across the world entertainment, sports and politics have united around a nine-year-old boy with dwarf..

Planes Are Dropping Tons Of Carrots And Potatoes To Feed Starving Animals In Australia

Australia bushfire crisis has killed hundreds of millions of wildlife animals. Approximately half a billion of them have..

Transgender Man Gives Birth To His Non-Binary Partner's Baby

A transgender man has given birth to a baby after using the sperm of a transgender woman. Reuben Sharpe, 39, had transit..