Internet Destroys Dad Who Posted Embarrassing Tweets Mocking His Son For Winning At The LEGO Robotics Tournament

Trolling is pretty common on social media. People troll celebrities and other regular people on most occasions but trolling your own kid? That’s unheard of. Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly of the KPRC-AM 950 in Houston was recently under fire. His crime, a series of tweets in which he trolled his own son for participating in the Lego robotics tournament.

The event provides a platform for kids to program autonomous robots to complete tasks. While being a supportive father to his 10-year-old son who was among the participants, Kelly made a series of tweets that mocked the competition. it was evident that the radio host was embarrassed over his son’s participation.

However, hoards of people came to the boy’s rescue as they reacted negatively to the post and showed support for the boy. This is how it all went down.

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Most people were outraged with the tweets

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In response to the outrage, Jesse told the entire incident was a joke and that he was not sorry he had done it. “I’ll probably do it again,” he told the outlet, “I think it’s hilarious, as does everyone with a sense of humor.”

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But not everyone agrees with his sense of humor

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