Woman Enjoys Combing The Beach For Sea Treasures And These Are Her Most Beautiful Finds

Nature is full of beautiful things, just when we think we have seen enough, it pulls out one of its beautiful surprises leaving us amazed. One beach loving individual loves to share some of her interesting finds on days she spends beachcombing. Searching for seashells, corals and sometimes rare sea glass and sea pottery, her Instagram page is a galore of beautiful items that will amaze you.

One of her proudest finds is a 200-year-old undamaged Maraschino bottle from the Austro-Hungarian empire. With a heart full of pride and contentment, she returned it back home to the Cosmacendi palace which was home to the maker of the bottle; it’s now been converted to the Museum of Ancient Glass. This bottle was not only an ancient treasure, but there’s also no proof in history that it even existed. We have compiled some of her interesting finds and the beautiful jewelry she made from sea-found treasures.

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#1 Tiny Sea Treasures

#2 Tiny Seashells

#3 200-Year-Old Cosmacendi Maraschino Bottle

#4 Deep Purple Is One Of The Rarest Sea Glass Colors

#5 Beautiful Perfume Bottle

#6 German Company Oberselters Mineral Water Bottle From 1860s

#7 All Pieces Were Found On The Beach

The 3 different plates that I placed together, the cup with the initials AC, a saucer for the cup and a silver spoon with the initials BM.

#8 Some Of The Bottles Found On The Beach

#9 Victorian Art Glass Vase From The Second Half Of The 19th Century

It has an applied trail of blue rigaree citrine glass trailing around the vase and lovely silver design of a branch with flowers, leaves and acorns.

#10 Found This Stunning Blue Piece The Other Day