29 Rare Photos That Can Easily Leave A Historical Mark In Your Memory

Whether you love history or just appreciate an iconic image these photos are sure to intrigue you. Historical photos are fun to watch and among the multitudes are some that show historical events from a different perspective. These incredible moments from the past are rare, they include famous people and sides of historical figures you’ve never seen before.

These photos capture the essence of an era long gone, you’ll be upset with your history teacher for not showing them to you. Check out these iconic photographs from different centuries that all look uniquely poignant.

1. Employees of the hospital show the happy father of his newborn triplets. New York, 1946

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2. A boy rides a man dressed as a demon for the Krampus parade. Austria 1954

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3. A couple of the Victorian era barely holding back from laughing in a photo studio. 1890s

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4. The representative of the Ainu - the indigenous population of Japan. 1880

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5. Liner Queen Elizabeth transports US troops to the harbor of New York. The end of the Second World War, 1945

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6. Freddie Mercury sits on the shoulders of Darth Vader. 1980

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7. Stephen Hawking with his future wife. 1964

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8. A boy between two lobsters caught off the coast of New Jersey. 1916

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9. Unpacking the painting "Mona Lisa", after it was hidden in 1939 from the German troops. 1945

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10. Construction on the square of New York, called Longacre Square. A year later, she will receive the name of Times Square. 1903

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