Ex-Teacher Who Got Pregnant For Her Student Plans To Film Birth So It Can Be Taught In Schools

Amy Kupps is set to become a mother and plans to film the birth so it can be taught in schools. The North Carolina-based got pregnant for her former student following a one-night stand. She had gone home with a guy she met at a nightclub only to realize the next day he was her former pupil. 

The 33-Year-Old used to work in school teaching 13 to 14-Year-Old but was forced to quit after her bosses discovered she had an OnlyFans page.

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However, the self-proclaimed home wrecker, who had earlier said she’s too hot to work, has revealed the plans of having cameras in the room with her when she welcomes her child into the world. Amy intends to publish it on her website and wants it to be used as educational material.

“I’m doing it so I can share the experience with my fans. I’m going to get help from the midwife with filming,” she told Nudepr.com.

She added: “The gender will be a surprise as I don’t want to know until the baby is born. But I think and hope it’s a girl. The baby should be here at the end of October or early November.” Taking to her Instagram, Amy further elaborated on her decision, stating [the video] might come across as a controversial post and rightfully so!”

“Being a former teacher I miss some aspects of the job such as giving knowledge. Besides my former curriculum I’ve also studied health and science.”

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“I’m announcing to everyone that I will be filming the birth for educational purposes on my website. Some may look at it from a fetish standpoint but I’m looking at it from an educational standpoint the last time I seen a birthing video was from the 70’s in Junior High School. I’m sure that video still circulates in schools.”

So far, many people sided with Amy’s idea, while a few are in disagreement, as one wrote: “The fact you’re trying to grab attention from this is straight f***ed, haha.”