Only(f)ans Star Says Landlord Doubled Her Rent After He Saw Her Pics Online

Romi Chase, an OnlyFans star, claimed her landlord doubled her rent after seeing her steamy photos online. She lived in the Miami apartment for about a year before it was hiked from $2300 to $4800. The new rent price emerged after the landlord staged a fake house inspection in November 2021, but instead, he checked out her living circumstances and scrutinized her. 

Before joining the adult site, Romi was a former primary school teacher and had left Poland in 2017 to begin a new life in America, first in New Orleans, then in Alabama and Orlando.

When the influencer questioned her landlord on why he didn’t notify her about the price jump, Romi said he did not respond, adding that “He showed zero emotion and basically said between the lines, either pay the rent at this exuberant price or get the f*ck out.” While Romi could easily have paid the increased rent, especially as she earned $1million in her first year on this site, she eventually moved out on purpose.

Speaking of the incident, Romi reportedly said she shared her experience to prevent others from going through what she has.

She told The Sun: “When he came over the only thing he inspected was me. He told me he found my Instagram, went through all of my links and my OnlyFans. He actually didn’t inspect anything, he walked in and paced around and I’m like ‘ok what’s happening? He wasn’t actually looking at anything. All of a sudden, he’s like I found you on Instagram. I’m like oh, Ok. I was astounded, completely taken aback and put on the spot, to say at least.”

“He definitely made the impression that he didn’t take kindly or approve of how I make a 100 percent legal living. He had an attitude, I could feel him judging and looking down on me, but I chalked it up to being from a different generation with a different set of values.

However, Romi has since relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, and she claims she is much happier and pays a lower rent. Taking to her Instagram, she recently emphasized the subject matter, asking: “Why should a home that’s lovely but not worth that price tag be subjected to this twisted shame game? She concluded she’s proud of what she does and can’t help but wonder if the landlord became an OnlyFans customer and enjoyed her work.