Woman Makes £1k Every Month By Only Selling Pictures Of Her With Body Hair

Candace Cynthia from Canada had been zealously shaving her body hair until 2018, when the doctor diagnosed her with narcolepsy. The acute sleepiness disorder discouraged her from keeping up with shaving her body regularly and since then, she ditched the razor and let the bush grows. To her surprise, the 32-year-old had found a lucrative business on OnlyFans because of her hair.

Known as Scarlet Blosom, she'd been making $20,000 a year by just selling pictures of her body hair, from armpit, leg, to even her pubic hair.

“When I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, I had to discover what works for me and decide where to put my energy," she shared.

She revealed, “I am often tired and fatigued so shaving my whole body wastes too much energy. Shaving has never been something that brings me joy; it wasn’t helping me as I would feel exhausted after."

“I realized I was doing it for the comfort of other people. At first, I was nervous about going out in public with hairy legs and armpits, but now I love to flaunt them.”

She learned that if there are men turned off by the hair, then there are also those who love them. The mom-of-two shared, “Selling photos of my hairy legs, armpits, and bikini line is now my main source of income. I won’t rule out the idea of shaving again but it works for me now."

“I have an OnlyFans page, and my audience is largely centered around showing off my body hair. It’s beneficial for me to keep it.”

“As time has passed, my confidence has grown and I have fallen in love with myself. I am now 100 percent comfortable in my own skin," she added.

But her newfound success with body hair pictures is not a reason to push everyone to take the same decision as her in ditching the blade.

"Everyone needs to make the choices that are best for them."

“I just advise others to be respectful of people who make different choices. Fortunately, I haven’t had any negative backlash. I have noticed people do double-take when they see me but it’s fine to be curious.”