'I Ordered This Dress From Boohoo, But When It Arrived It Didn’t Even Cover My Bra Or Knickers'

Kara Hall turned to Boohoo to find a perfect outfit for a night out on New Year’s Eve. But she was left heartbroken when she tried the dress on as it didn’t cover her bra or knickers. Sharing her ordeal on TikTok, Kara revealed she had ordered a plunging black sequined wrap dress from the fashion site for just £8.

Kara Hall decided to treat herself to a plunging black sequinned wrap dress from Boohoo but was utterly left disappointed.

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While the dress appeared gorgeous on the model on Boohoo’s website, when Kara tried it on, she instantly realized the gapes were so large that her whole body was on show. “What do I do? Kara captioned her video before adding in the comments: “Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Boohoo?”

Kara thought she'd bagged a bargain dress from Boohoo, but it didn't even cover half her body when it arrived.

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Her video has so far put other people off from buying the dress as one person commented: “Removes from the basket.” Another person shared the same issue they experienced when ordering the dress: “No way I ordered this, and it looked the same on me. I was mortified! I had to send it back.”

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Fortunately, Kara confirmed she had altered the dress herself in another video.

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A third commented: “Explains why the model is stood so strange.” Despite the fashion fail, Kara decided to try and make the dress work for her occasion, stitching the gaping areas to make it fit. In a second clip, she said: “I just unstitched it at these two points, crossed it over further, so it covered my body and stitched it back up.”

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The outfit wasn't a complete waste, and she didn't find herself without a New Year's Eve outfit.

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Yet again, she was applauded for the awesome fix, with one saying: “Stunning! If only it came like that.” A second cheekily wrote: “Look gorgeous now! Wow, @boohoo didn’t know you had to DIY the dresses to fit.”

Isn't Kara looking gorgeous?

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