Woman Left In Tears After Her Date Sent Her Home In An Uber Because He Didn’t Like Her Outfit

The complexity of dating is one that we'll never be able to completely unravel. Nikki Jabs, who loves sharing about her dating journey on TikTok, had a cry when her now-ex boyfriend called Uber to send her home because he was "embarrassed" with her look. The Michigan-based woman filmed herself sobbing after going back to her van and getting out of his house, feeling dejected and hurt.

Nikki was super excited when her Hinge date, Greg, invited her to a work function to meet her friends and colleagues.

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She spent 40 minutes on her makeup and got ready to attend the grand opening of a retail company he works for. She decided to go for a casual-formal attire with long sleeves black crop top and high-waist rosegold pants. She had a red coat on as she filmed herself in the elevator, getting back home.

Her "super sweet" boyfriend, however, couldn't stand going to the event with her dressed up like that.

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She wrote, "He was too embarrassed to be seen with me in this outfit, so he went me home in an Uber and went to the opening without me."

Nikki previously shared updates on her first date with the man, who she nicknamed Greg from Hinge.

"He seems really shy so I was kind of carrying the whole conversation but eventually it picked up and we're on our second drink," she could be heard from the clip. "He thinks I'm the most interesting person he's ever met and he's really sweet."

"He said I was so gorgeous that I made him so nervous," she recalled his comments as they went back to his place and he got over his shyness.

At the time, Nikki dubbed it as "the best weekend" of her life as Greg offered her to stay there indefinitely. He gushed over her, "How did I get so lucky? You're so incredible, and I'm just so lucky to have met you."

Nikki lives in a van with her cat, and she continued the story. "I was like, 'I'm not going anywhere.' He goes, 'You can stay here as long as you want.' And I was like, 'Don't tell me that because I may never leave.' And he was like, 'I'd be okay with that.'"

Greg continued with his outpouring of love and admiration, saying how he's "obsessed" and "head over heels" for her.

But it all turned into another heartbreak as the latest event transpired. People asked for the details of the event and she finally delivered.

"Today I went to go pick him up from work and we were going to go out to dinner and then go to his work function. When he got into the car, he couldn't stop staring at me."

"I had a feeling what was coming. I kept asking him, "Why do you keep staring at me?" And he kept saying, 'Oh, nothing.'"

She continued, "Then finally he was like, 'You just look so pretty.' And I'm like, 'Is this your way of telling me that I'm overdressed?' And he said, 'Well, maybe not for dinner.'"

"He has told me multiple times this week that I've been overdressed and has encouraged me to wear a baggy sweater."

"I said, 'Are you going to be embarrassed if I show up to your work function like this?' He didn't say anything, so I said, 'Do you want me to go home and change?' And he said, 'I just feel so bad now.' So we went to the restaurant, but I was not happy because this has been going on for weeks now."

"At the restaurant, I said, 'I'm either going like this or I'm not going at all.' And he said, 'Well then can I call you an Uber?' I said, 'Sure, yeah, call me an Uber.'

I Ubered back to his place, where I've been living the past three weeks and I packed up all of my stuff and now I'm back in my van.

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Nikki started pointing out the subtle signs, "It all started with little comments here and there over the past couple of weeks, like, 'Why are you wearing heels? I like it when you wear tennis shoes. Why are you wearing so much makeup? I really like it when you're natural.'"

"He said that this was too revealing for his work function," she added. "Now, the company he works for is an athleisure clothing company. He was wearing jogger pants and running shoes."

She's officially back in her van after moving out of the place while Greg was still at the work function.

People quickly pointed out that it seemed like Greg was attempting to control her life. One commented, "My ex did this to me. It's got nothing to do with your outfit. He was insecure about something and wanted to make it your problem."

Another wrote, "If your attire was that important & specific, he should have been clear beforehand. Kick him to the curb."

"Hi, I'm a DV therapist. Testing boundaries just like this is exactly how DV escalates in a relationship. Glad you're safe," read another.

If he could wear running shoes and jogger pants, there's no reason why she can't show her midriff with long sleeves on!

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