Sugar Baby Rates Gifts Her Sugar Daddy Gave Her, Including iPhone 13 And LV Bag

Scottish woman Jodi Goldie has received many lavish gifts from her sugar daddy all the time throughout the year. She officially registered as a verified member on a site and has been working there for a while. And her taste has developed pretty high from the gifts that were sent to her, including a Louis Vuitton bag that cost £2000.

The rate is especially low on some high-end items as they were totally not to her taste.

The Balenciaga shoes got 0/10 and she shared, “000/10 ugly hate them sent them back."

Then she got the LV bag, but it was not in the color that she wanted and she gave it a 7/10.

Flowers are always a classic choice women love and Jodi was naturally appeased with it, giving them 8/10 because of the "pretty colors."

She also got an iPhone 13 that was "3 days late," but she seemed to like it and gave it a 9/10.

At this point, most of us are probably wondering what kind of gifts would get the sugar daddy a 10/10 from Jodi. The shoes were not her taste; the bag wasn't in the color she wanted, and the iPhone was a tad late.

Yep, it's this! “Cash 10/10 my favorite."

Some people commented that she should feel "grateful" for what she has. But many who knew of the money-based arrangement asked how they could do the same work she does. One wrote, “Where do you find these men? I can't find them!''

If he had listened better to her favorite color or paid attention to her tastes, then the rating probably would've been better.


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