16 Funny Comics On Everyday Struggles Of Girls By An Australian Artist

Jessica Rae illustrates the hilarious Doodley Squat comics hinged on day-to-day struggles, parenthood problems, and even relationships. Her crackhead comics speak for themselves and are hilariously absurd, which is why people laugh out loud when they read through. Doodley squat means a minimal amount, and indeed, the webcomic art style is what makes it all so much better. 

So far, the Australian artist has attracted a following of 4604 on Instagram. Likewise, Jess sells prints from some of her most famous artworks. If you love any of the newest releases, do ensure to check out her page. But in the meantime, we’ve compiled the artist’s just-uploaded comics equipped with humor for your perusal. They’re downright hilarious no matter the theme. In doubt? Scroll through and see for yourself. 

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