24 Hilarious Makeup Fails That Make People Shake Their Head

Instagram has honored its users with endless amounts of talented makeup artists, making us forget that not all makeup artists are as qualified at their craft. A big thanks to Reddit; hundreds of bad makeup artists worldwide and still counting are now publicly exposed. From poorly matched foundation, unblended eye shadow, aggressive contouring to caterpillar eyebrows, our compilation [below] will have you frowning at your computer screen.

Bad MakeUp Artists, a Subreddit has discussed makeup artists' mistakes and its courageous members even share their bad makeup photos. We've all possibly had times when we had terrible makeup on. Whether it is due to lousy beauty products or the work of a non-professional makeup artist, there remain several reasons as to why this can happen. However, these makeup artists are believed to have been paid yet delivered a terrible job. Have a look, enjoy as scroll through.

The Shade Difference Between Her Hand And Face.

East-Formal877 -Via

The Nose Contouring And The Brows ( & Not Only )...Just Why?

kkaiOkkai -Via

Mindhunter On Netflix Is Amazing, But The Horribly Matched, Yellow Makeup On ALL Characters In BOTH Seasons Is Horribly Distracting. Wendy’s Is The Worst.

upstreammomentum -Via

I Can't Believe This Contour Is Done By A Professional MUA. I Feel Bad For The Bride.

remelaneom1234 -Via

Can We Just Let People Have Wide Noses?

Annette-spaghet -Via

Orange, You Glad You Went With That Shade.

M2LBB2016 -Via

I Understand Wanting To Be Tan, But This Is Just Too Much.

ArtisticRose -Via

That Eye Makeup Is Tough.

curiouslyblue420 -Via

Medium Rare Beef Lips.

disko_lemonade13 -Via

Professional MUA.

Akjysdiuh708 -Via

Permanent Nike Swoosh! Yikes

sammybr00ke -Via

A "Before And After" Of A Serum That Is Supposed To Give You Longer Lashes. You Can Clearly See The Eyelash Extension Clusters.

medelsnusk -Via

This Client Is Only 11.

goldenmagearna -Via

I Thought This Was A Joke.

childrenofthegravee -Via

This Overlining Lip Line Trend Needs To Die. It Looks Like A Itchy Inflammation.

LeDeena -Via

I Guess I Got What I Paid For With This Free Look. Asked MUA For Homecoming Makeup.

TheHuntress1031 -Via


Atenevra -Via

I Found One! From An Episode On Hooked On The Look.

Autopsyofficial -Via

I-...Do I Even Need To Say Anything?

complex_theories -Via

The Eyes Are Neat, But Those Overdrawn Lips Irk Me.

whawha92 -Via

Snapchat's "Beauty Hacks" Never Fail To Deliver Material Worthy Of This Sub.

shadythrowaway9 -Via

This Color Match On The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

chinitachinita -Via

My Little Sister Got Her Makeup Done For My 30th Birthday Party, FYI She’s Really Good At Her Makeup, And She Wanted To Treat Herself... Every Time I Need Cheering Up; I Look At This Photo And Laugh. It Cost €60!!

Secure_Dragonfruit69 -Via

She Just Lost Like Half Her Nose.

weirdfridgelady -Via