15 People Who Were Born With Such Unusual Appearance They're Almost Inhuman

Are you born with heterochromia? Or other unique body traits that would get people to ask things sometimes? These people share a feature of their own that looks so unreal it is easier to believe that they had an alien as their ancestor.

Scroll on to see some of the most surprising things that most of us ever knew were possible in human bodies. No actual aliens were involved, but they still look fascinating.

#1 "My right hand’s ring finger becomes colorless and numb when it’s cold outside. I’m living in icy Canada..."

ChessNdarts -Via

#2 "I have floppy cartilage in one of my ears and can flip the cartilage inside out. I call it my elf ear. My great-grandma could do the same thing."

stormyb***h -Via

#3 "I have a birthmark in my eye."

JustSavi -Via

#4 "This tooth bud that was growing in the roof of my mouth."

MrPointyStrikesAgain -Via

#5 "My wife just gave birth to our firstborn, and I and my son both have the same weird genetic abnormality where we have an extra-large space between our first and second toes."

undefined_reference -Via

#6 Tibetan model and singer with a unique appearance, Tsunaina.

tsunaina -Via

#7 I have a weird ear shape and wonder what piercings would look like on them.

Ernestpogi -Via

#8 "Heterochromia iridium. Brown on left, green on right. Also have a birthmark (pigmentation) on the sclera below my left eye’s iris."

celestivlnighthvwk -Via

#9 "I'm a tall, thin guy but have got cartoonishly short wide feet."

jumpingtheaardvark -Via

#10 "My housemate's extra-long silver arm hair. He calls it Long John Silver."

w****ey_locks -Via

#11 "How my vitiligo changes from the winter to the summer."

inkyedges -Via

#12 "My girlfriend's eyes are weird."

rioryan -Via

#13 "I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb."

anwrootb***17 -Via

#14 "I often get asked if I’m wearing contacts, even though I have my glasses on."


#15 "I was born without a bridge in my nose."

fedorah***er -Via