Vegan Cries While Eating Fish For The First Time In Two Years

When a diet gets harmful to the body that it's not worth maintaining, a woman made the heavy choice of adding non=plant based food into her vegan lifestyle: salmon. TikTok user lamarchairez shares how she went on a breakdown while trying to get a piece of salmon into her mouth due to health issues. But after going vegan for two years, she was just not ready for it.

In the viral TikTok video, Lamar narrated that she's been on plant-based diet for two years now.

"Due to allergies, sensitivities, and medical reasons I have to start eating fish," she explained in the video that shows her unpacking a piece of salmon, seasoning it, before frying it on a pan.

Medical reasons made her have to make a switch in her diet now and throughout the video, Lamar went into a sobbing mess trying to munch on the fish.

"I'm literally having a breakdown over this piece of fish RN," Lamar wrote in this TikTok clip that has more than 17.8 million views.


This is a total sh!T show. I guess I’m a seagan now :( ##vegan ##KeepItRealMeals ##thisissad ##crying

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She continued, "I'm doing more damage to my body trying to eat foods my body cannot tolerate. It's for the best LOL."

The woman eventually downed the fish while apologizing to it. Comments were disabled, but in a later update, she summarized how some people had called her after the viral clip.

"See now YALL are the ones 'crying over fish,'” she shared in another clip where she chomped on a piece of salmon with no problem.

lamarchairez -Via

And thanks to how viral her clip got, she had been earning as a TikTok creator and continued with the memes. In another video, while captioning all kinds of names and insults people threw on the video, she chomped on a piece of lobster aggressively.

She explains, "Don't tell me to eat cow or pig. I'm allergic. And I won't be eating chicken."

lamarchairez -Via

Your health is the most important. Respect people's dietary choices, but let's not call them names just because they cried over a fish!