18 Unusual Pics That Shows The Wonders Of Nature In Our Everyday Life

When it comes to listing the world’s greatest hits, the seven wonders of our world seem like a minimal number. Fascinating wonders of nature around our world are rapidly surfacing, proof that beauty is all around us and it’s just an arm’s length away. In this article, we give you big-time access to curiosities you don’t always get to see amid carrying out your daily activities. 

From lighting in the shape of a heart, the bear cloud, a sunflower growing from a gutter to a toe with its toe and nail, we’ve compiled below some astounding sights that will leave you awestruck. We suggest you put everything else on hold for a few minutes and take the time to wonder at the wholesomeness of Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Scroll on and enjoy! 

“This bee completely covered in pollen that I found in the garden today.”

daschundtof -Via

“This giant lemon looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.”

chicksdigscooters -Via

“A tomato my mum grew has horns.”

CatalinaWineMixerPAW -Via

“This big *ss leaf. Wife for scale.”

bigpahpa256 -Via

“T-rex metatarsal size comparison vs forearm of a 6’6 human.”

itsamemarioscousin -Via

“Woke up this morn to find a loosehead hair had knotted itself to my arm hair.”

aremel04 -Via

“I think the squirrels I am fighting in my backyard are just casually mocking me at this point…”

5_Frog_Margin -Via

“This carrot I got at Tesco looks like a sassy pair of legs.”

trickyjk -Via

“Just a bear cloud.”

giantdmpstrfire -Via

“There is a sunflower growing from my neighbours guttering.”

dquillx -Via

“The beautiful tail on this lizard I saw.”

Unique-Sandwich6631 -Via

“A lighting I’ve photographed today.”

NooneHasThatName -Via

“For a cis woman, I have exceedingly strong sideburns.”

reknae -Via

“Had to wear a split on my broken finger for so long that the bend line at the joint disappeared.”

cassanova5 -Via

“I work in a coal mine and the coal dust does not stick to the scar on my wrist.”

eurekaLG -Via

“There’s a patch on my leg that doesn’t get goosebumps.”

mcrfreak78 -Via

“This massive bald eagle feather I found.”

Gone333 -Via

“This toe, with its own toe, complete with its own nail.”

vainamoinens-scythe -Via