14 Celebrities Fearlessly Share Their ‘Imperfect’ Pictures To End Body Shaming

It’s no secret that girls and women are socially conditioned to feel that most values come from their looks and body shape. This scrutiny is unrelenting and has since made many women, including female celebrities, live under pressure to look perfect. Celebs are constantly in the public eye with paparazzi following in on every move; hence when a few go out make-up-free, they instantly make the headlines. 

Anyways, a substantial number of A-listers, including Julia Michaels and Ashley Graham, are speaking out and standing up for themselves and other women in the face of body shaming. These celebrities have brilliantly clapped back against critics while reminding us why we should love our bodies. From taking no-make-up selfies, normalizing body/facial hair to embracing cellulite, these imperfect photos of some celebrities (compiled below) prove that beauty lies within and not on the outside. Are you inspired yet?

1. Ashley Graham

2. Julia Michaels

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3. Rihanna

4. Brooklyn Decker

5. Lourdes Leon

6. Vanessa Williams

7. Bekah Martinez

8. Jennifer Lopez

9. Chrissy Teigen

10. Amy Schumer

11. Cindy Crawford

12. Jessica Simpson

13. Jennifer Garner and Juliette Lewis

14. Sarah Hyland