Bezos’ Space Launch Sparks Hilarious Jokes & Memes And Here Are 20 Hilarious Ones

Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket crew recently realized a dream and made history on Tuesday. Up more than 65miles, Bezos blasted off from the West Texas Desert, reaching space and returned to Earth in a smooth parachute landing. It was dubbed the best day ever by Bezos, who was greeted by a sea of cheering Blue Origin employees after a touchdown.

Bezos estimated the Blue Origin has already approached some $100 million in private ticket sales. And while building space infrastructure will take decades, Bezos remains certain that “This is how it starts.” However, it turned out Bezos isn’t the first to pave the way. In particular, he’s the second billionaire businessman to head to space. Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson beats Bezos by nine days, and undeniably the Amazon Founder’s trip has since launched numerous memes on the internet. We’ve compiled a few hilarious ones; guaranteed to make you LOL!


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