Stunning Lawyer Left Her Job And Became Instagram Star

Pia Muehlenbeck, of German origin, is a law graduate who had a career as a lawyer. But in 2014, the Australian-based blogger and fashion lover jumped into fashion seriously 2014 after having a passion for it for a long time. Pia started SLINKII, an eco-friendly sustainable luxury brand that focuses on creating fashion with ethically responsible and environmentally responsible methods.

From a lawyer to a CEO: Pia started SLINKII in 2014 and has been featured in multiple fashion magazines.

Aside from her luxury activewear brand, Pia was also appointed as GRAZIA Market Editor and continued to make incredible achievements in the fashion world. She's now a renowned individual with over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Pia shared that the way her fashion journey had propelled so far in just a few years surprised her.

“Since I graduated a lot has changed, I started my sportswear label, SLINKII, and started posting my looks on social media. My Instagram account, in particular, started to gain traction, and next minute I had 1m followers. Everything has been a little crazy since that point.”

Pia and her boyfriend, Kane Vato, also maintains a blog together where they share mainly their traveling journeys!

Kane and Pia have a blog called "Finding The Finer," where they mostly document their journey traveling worldwide. Currently, Pia is also a content director and partner for Fitness Center CHANG3.

She uses her platform to promote her brand directly, and she regularly donates a sum from her profit for conservation centers.

Pia's brand, SLINKII, focuses on being eco-friendly and focuses on making full use of recycled materials. The Australian brand sells activewear as well as swimwear and equipment for working out.