Woman Reveals Easy Way To Measure Bra Sizes At Home, And It Goes Viral

Are you tired of bad bras? Madison Anne is here to help through finding the right bra for you! A good bra can undeniably go unnoticed, but a bad bra can be so discomforting during a productive day or when having a great night out. And even if you wear one occasionally, there’s a need to, however, know how to measure bra size properly. 

User Madison recently shared a clip to TikTok detailing how ladies can measure their bra sizes themselves. According to the TikToker, it’s best to check this measurement every six months. She added that a bra size majorly consists of two measures: the band and the bust size.

Congratulations! Madison Anne has shown how to figured out an actual bra size.

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The band is regarded as the number portion, while the bust size calculates a cup size. To measure a band, Madison placed the measuring tape underneath her breasts around her ribs. For this step, it’s advisable not to wear a bra but an unpadded sports bra that won’t squish, and if you eventually get an odd number, do round up to the following even number. 

A bra size consists of two measurements: the band, and the bust size, which calculates the cup size.

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To get a cup size, Madison wrapped the tape measure around the fullest part of her breasts. If the measurement comes out to a half number, do round up to the next whole number. Here’s the Math: Take the band measurement, subtract the bust measurement, and note the difference. The difference does determine your cup size!


The Brand New 2021 Edition on finding your own size!

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For this hack, wear only an unpadded sports bra that won't squish you.

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The (below chart) will equally help determine your cup size hinged on the difference between your band and bust measurements. For Madison, her band size is 36, and after calculating the difference and matching her results with the chart, it was determined her cup size was a DD/E. In total, her bra size is 36 DD/E. 

This chart will help realize your cup size based on the difference between your band and bust.

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Isn’t this fantastic? So far, numerous women online reached out to Madison in the comments, claiming they’ve realized that they had been wearing the wrong bra sizes for years. Some were relieved to know there was a way to measure at home, while a few attested that this hack busted some common bra myths. 

For Madison, her bra size is 36 DD/E.

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However, Madison did again gave some suggestions for women who have breasts that are different in size. “You should wear the size that best fits the bigger one, and adjustments can be made to pad to smaller! I rec the brand of inserts called Femagique.” Madison advised. So what do you think of this hack? 

Madison advises wearing a bra size that fits the larger breast and then using inserts to pad the smaller breast cup.

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