11 Celebrities Who Reveal About What It Was Like Coming Out

Given the stigma benched around LGBTQ+, it makes sense that celebrities who identify as being a member haven’t been quite open about their status. But thankfully, 2021 witnessed a significant change as many LGBTQ+ stars aren’t overly pressured anymore and have since been helping in destigmatization while boosting the self-esteem of a few struggling to accept their real self.

Indeed, a person’s sexual preference or gender identity shouldn’t be a headline, but the impact of these celebs discussing their experiences can’t be overstated. Here we’ve collated a list of 11 celebrities who have confidently come out and inspired a whole new generation of queer youth. From Elliot's page, Tessa Thompson to Sam Smith, it’s increasingly becoming apparent that a celebrity’s sexual orientation need not be career-damaging as it might have been in the past. Curious? You don’t have to be, for we have got you all covered. Grab a drink, have a look, and you sure will enjoy the read!

Sarah Paulson.

Paulson, in 2015 revealed herself as a lesbian at the Tony Awards. In the same year, in an interview with Pride Source, the actress highlighted her history of dating men and women but claimed she refuses to give any label to satisfy what people need. Likewise, in an interview with NoTofu, Paulson recalled the moment she mistakenly kissed her GF at the time, Cherry Jones, when she was awarded at an event. 

Elliot Page.

The Juno star first came out as a gay at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive Conference in 2014. Elliot, formerly known as Ellen Page, claimed he’s tired of hiding and lying by omission during her speech. They confessed to have suffered years of being scared to be out, but eventually, they’re triumphing. In 2020, Page shared they go by he/they pronouns. 

Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin officially came out in 2010 via his blog. “I’m proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am,” he had written. 

Sam Smith.

During an interview with the British GQ in 2019, Sam Smith came out as a non-binary. Smith claimed ever since he was a little human; he never felt comfortable being a man. He added: “I never did. Some days I’ve got my manly side, and some days, I’ve got my womanly side, but it’s when I’m in the middle of that switch that I get depressed and sad. Because I don’t know who I am or where I am, or what I’m doing, and I feel very misunderstood by myself. I realize that’s because I don’t fit into either.” 

Lil Nas X.

Rapper Lil Nas X officially came out as gay during Pride Month 2019 using the release of his song titled ‘C7osure.’ Speaking to the Guardian; the Old Town Road confessed that “he had planned to die with the secret, but nothing was holding him back anymore.”