Woman Left In Hysterics After Receiving ‘Stunning’ Dress She Ordered Online

A clip hinged on the mentioned above title shows what the elegant green dress looked like. It had cost $32.99, but the buyer has since been left terrified as she discovered on the delivery that the outfit wasn’t anything close to what was seen online. The dress, in particular, looked like a pair of curtains in reality. Natalie Tyson of North Carolina isn’t the victim, though, but she shared the incident online. Her sister’s friend ordered the dress, which in the picture looked gorgeous with a thigh-high slit with much of the material flowing on the floor like a ballgown.

Natalie's sister’s friend ordered the dress, and it had cost $32.99.

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 “This is what I wanted, and this is what I got.” A popular TikTok voiceover said, following a snap on the screen of the woman trying on her new outfit. It appeared different as to what was seen during the purchase. The shimmering dress seems to have been replaced with another cotton material. 



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Here's what the green dress was meant to look like: Shimmering.

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The dress sleeves looked starkly different as the hands were finished, unlike the model’s, whose tighter sleeve ended just below her elbow. As expected, the clip has garnered over 7million views, and people couldn’t keep their cool over the incident. 

People joked the dress looked more like curtains or bedsheets.

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Internet users compared the outfit to curtains and bedsheets. A few who weren’t that horrified suggested that the outfit needs ironing to look perfect. “This is why I hate online shopping.” One user commented. However, this is not the only fashion fail to have gone viral on TikTok over the weeks. Besides, more are expected to emerge!