Billie Eilish Hits Back At Trolls Slamming Her New Look On Vogue Cover

Fans are naturally familiar with sighting Billie Eilish in baggy clothes, so just when she first donned a Tanktop ensemble and recently a tight-hugging pink corset and skirt customized by Gucci, the internet couldn’t stop talking. Billie Eilish got featured on British Vogue, where she also wore latex gloves from Atsuko Kudo Latex and a bra from Agent Provocateur. Her look wholly changed for the shoot as she equally changed her green hair for an entirely different style: Blonde hair.

It turned out; not everyone loved Billie Eilish's new look for Vogue's cover shoot.

The ‘Too Young To Die’ singer has never done anything of this kind, and as expected, some people took it upon themselves to slam her new look. Out of all the criticism, the one who had since caught Billie’s attention is Daily Mail’s headline. 

For the shoot, Billie donned a tight-hugging pink bra and skirt, including latex gloves from Atsuko Kudo Latex.

Billie was heavily slammed, but one which attracted her attention is Daily Mail’s headline.

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“Proof that women can make you change your values and sell out: Billie Eilish shocks fans by swapping baggy clothes for lingerie in Vogue –despite years of vowing to hide her body.” The publication had written. However, Billie has amended the text to read: “Proof that women can change their minds and reclaim autonomy over their bodies.” 

“Proof that women can change their minds and reclaim autonomy over their bodies.” Billie's amendment read.

With over an 80million followers on Instagram, Billie also reposted a graphic created by Emily Clarkson to her Instagram story, correcting the weird, sexiest and creepy headline. The latter part of the text got amended, and it read: “Despite years of being an actual child.” 

The latter part of the text got amended, and it read: “Despite years of being an actual child.”

Billie is allowed to change her look, therefore this headline is downright weird, sexiest, and creepy.

Before this, in an interview with Vogue, Billie had elaborated on her thoughts on the subject of body shaming in the media. Speaking to Laura Snapes, a Journalist for British Vogue, Billie claims she can do whatever she wants. She added: “Suddenly, you’re a hypocrite if you want to show your skin and you’re easy, and you’re a slut.” 

Isn't she beautiful and stunning?

Nonetheless, Billie had first opened up about her body at 17. Speaking to Vogue Australia in 2020, the singer claimed her baggy look allows nobody to judge what it looks like. “I want layers and layers and layers, and I went to be mysterious. You don’t know what’s underneath, and you don’t know what’s on too.” She stated.

In all, the trolls aren’t getting at Billie, and indeed she’s winning at almost everything!