Woman’s Birthday Gift Of £100 Attached To A Helium Balloon Floats Away With It

A mother-of-two was probably having a huge regret when she didn't pay attention to the birthday gift she was opening. Nikki Walker from Pollok, Glasgow, looked excited as her mom filmed her unwrapping the birthday gift she gave her. Unbeknownst to her, Carol Walker, 69, had tied a string of £10 bills to a balloon inside the box, but what she wasn't ready for was how the balloon swiftly floated up before her eyes saw the bill tied to it.

She didn't expect that the gift would be tied to a balloon... filled with helium gas!

Karen Waler/SWNS

The string of the balloon was made of £10 notes that amounted up to £100. Her family members got ready and filmed her, catching the hilarious moment when she showed a confused expression when the balloon suddenly appeared.

But she realized it too late as the balloon quickly flitted by her face that those were cash tied to the string of the balloon.

Hilarity ensued, and she tried to grab hold of the balloon but missed it!

Karen Waler/SWNS

She explained, "It all just happened in a split second. I didn't have a chance to react. Everyone was just in total shock, watching."

"I was so excited to open it that it didn't even occur to me that the money would be on the balloon rather than in the box itself."

It happened on her birthday on April 23 and she still doesn't know where the money had went.

Karen Waler/SWNS

She admitted that at first, everyone felt slightly depressed, "I felt really stupid at first, who would open a helium balloon outside on a windy day?"

"but what's done is done. We all see the funny side now - at least we can giggle at the video."

Watch the hilarious full video below!

Karen Waler/SWNS