14 Hilarious Fails Of The Week To Make You Laugh Out Loud

It can be quite mean to laugh at other people’s fails, but we can’t help it most of the time. If you have never stumbled upon a fail collation, then prepare for a treat. Our compilation perfectly highlights the best yet most hilarious fails of the week, and you are so bound to laugh-out-loud real hard. From the one place cat shouldn’t be, the rice acquisition to the abrupt breakup, the people in this article have wished for the ground to open for a swallow. 

There’s indeed something here to tickle your funny bone, and perhaps you might find some of the incidences relatable. Fails are naturally head-scratching, and if you are presently having a bad day, do remember that the day could worse. Besides, it’s best to tackle life and its hurdles with a great sense of humor. Please have a look, enjoy it and sure brighten up your bad day!

One job.

lexapro_lesbian -Via

Can you guess what it is?

Did you know that every one second, about 6,000 tweets is sent? Nearly 350,000 tweets were made per minute, according to this calculation. As this was an average count, there may be times when more than 6,000 tweets were made in just a single second! Yet, in 2008, Twitter only saw 300,000 a day.

We all function on different diets and lifestyles, right?

warmfourloko -Via

It was a little awkward, but he’s such a gentleman! Okay, it was really awkward, but he’s cute!

Dogs on zoomies.

Well, time to replace that tattoo, I guess.

insaneppltweets -Via

Why are babies so fast?

Mariakaigai -Via

Can’t wait to see the pics.

Twitter is a microblogging site that allows people to share their stories in 280 characters. Since then, features have been added, including creating threads that allow one to share a long story in a series of tweets. According to this study, Twitter has become a vital resource during the pandemic, sending live updates of the situation to others almost instantly.

Ah, sorry, you’re the other Chris.

dom_msmsmsm -Via

Questioning life’s choices be like:

catshouldnt -Via

All these stories of Aaron Carter…

hamstertalk -Via

Watch him building his homegym.

No, not that… okay.

solondzy -Via

Albeit its usefulness, the study reminds users to limit their intake every day. Twitter is a social media where news is shared rapidly, whether they’re true or not. It is important to check for sources and find trusted, verified accounts to crosscheck the truth. At the end of the day, make sure not to let what’s trending on Twitter overwhelm your mind!

Ryan Reynolds has had enough.

VancityReynolds -Via