Bride Sparks Outrage After She Shared Her Beach Wedding Dress

Bride-to-be naturally bags for gorgeous wedding dresses and hairstyles to prevent fashion faux pas, but often a few shockers slip through, leaving us wondering if some bridal gown choices are a joke or perhaps for real. The internet couldn’t recently decide if a bride-to-be glitzy sequin Bodysuit wedding dress is terrible tacky or stunning. The bride, whose name isn’t mentioned, defied the norm of floating down the aisle in an incredible boho dress design.

The internet couldn’t decide if this bride-to-be sequin bodysuit wedding dress is terrible tacky or stunning.


Instead, the American bride posted a clip where she modeled in a bodysuit with lace trim and glittery bodice to her Facebook friends. The outfit equally has a detachable sparkly tulle skirt expected to be worn while walking down the aisle. 

The American bride modeled the bodysuit designed with lace trim and glittery bodice.


In the short clip, which has since sparked outrage on the “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” Facebook Group, the bride could be seen twirling around a wedding gown showroom in a strapless swim-style style and posing in front of the mirrors, donning ornate white sandals. 

The bride who rocked the strapless swim-style style donned matching ornate white sandals.


Precisely, the bodysuit is cut off at the top of her thigh, with a plunging neckline, and even has a bit of a ruffled peplum at the bottom. Unable to hold back, people were split in their opinions about the wedding dress. The majority expressed their dislike, but a few claim that they might do the same if they had the bride’s body.

The outfit has a detachable sparkly tulle skirt expected to be worn while walking down the aisle.


“If you look at her hips, the overlay is stiff and sticks out to support the tulle skirt and makes it stand out a bit further and not cling to her legs.” A user wrote. Another said: “It looks weird when the skirt is removed.” A third advised: “You better get some clothes on before your (mother-in-law) and her family have an en masse hissy fit.” 

The clip was posted in the “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” Facebook Group with more than 94k members.


A fourth stated: “I don’t need to see your v** at your wedding.” Applauding the design, a fifth said: “I wanted to hate this. I did. But it’s kind of amazing.” Another added: “Honestly, the piece itself is gorgeous. She seems thrilled, and it fits her beautifully.” In your own opinion, is it a YES or a NO?