26 Epic ‘What Could Go Wrong’ Moments That Show A Whole New Level Of Stupidity

When you make bad decisions, you definitely will pay for them. Many of us hardly think of the repercussion of an action before doing it. And just when the outcome emerges, it instantly becomes a ‘Had I Known’ anthem. Thinking before acting is worth it, and in the face of frustration, it’s vital as it might permit you to avoid confrontation or uncomfortable conversations. 

Living with unexpressed emotions can undeniably hurt more toxic in the long run, but then some incidents aren’t worth talking about instead, overlooking is the proper antidote. Should I speak up? Is it going to end well? These are the set of questions that naturally comes alive in us. As if you needed to be reminded, our compilation is hinged on how poor life choices do no good but harm. A big thanks to the r/whatcouldgowrong (WCGW), the Subreddit has remarkably been preaching what not to do. Have a look!

“If Your Park Your Car In A Non-Parking Zone At The Supermarket”

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“Using a Walmart Bag When Bleaching Your Hair”

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“WCGR If I Don’t Strap Down The Boat”

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“WCGW If My F**King Dumb*** Neighbor Put Hot Charcoal From His Grill Into A Trashcan”

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“Throwing Away Mix With Yeast In It”

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“WCGW If I Try Eating An Octopus Alive?”

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“WCGW When You No-Hand Wakeboard In Your Robes While Drinking Tea”

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“WCGW If I Open My Restaurant Against State Orders?”

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“If I Wear A Clicked Pen In My Hair”

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“Burning 3.3 Tonnes Of Weed In A Residential Area”

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“Old But Gold!”

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“Complaining To Costo”

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“WCGW If I Park In That Space For The Uptenth Time”

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“Carrying Unsecured Cargo”

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“WCGW Having A Giant Blood Sticker On The Car”

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“WCGW If I Post My Pic With A Full Map Of The Prison Behind Me (2 Days Later A Terrorist Group Attacked And Freed Release Everyone There, Happened In Nangarhar Afghanistan)”

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“Having Feet On Dashboard In A Car Crash”

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“WCGW Dumping My Boat Illegally”

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“WCGW If I Threaten To Shoot Up A Supermarket”

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“WCGW If I Just Feed This One Monkey?”

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“WCGW If I Put A Heavy Casket In My Trunk Without Securing It”

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“WCGW Leaving A Window Down In Bear Country?”

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“What If I Decide To Let My White Dog Out After I Mow My Lawn?”

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“What Could Go Wrong When You Hoard?”

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“What Could Go Wrong Hiding Things In The Oven”

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What could go wrong with using a Walmart bag when bleaching your hair?”

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