16 Hilariously Epic Tweets About Exes By People Who Are So Over It

Walking away from a potential relationship is always going to be challenging, and even when the decision isn’t yours, a breakup can be pretty more brutal. Splits tend to hurt in numerous ways than just in emotions. It has left people reeling for months and even years, but if something is done to intervene (like visiting a therapist), the heartbroken can be set right back on track. However, many people are still struggling to get narrow after losing their relationship, and indeed, it can take time to heal up. 

People often tend to find themselves regularly thinking about their ex while leaving their life on a pause. Even worse, a few get obsessed over the life their ex may be living without them, who they may be dating, and whether they will ever get back together. It’s pretty not easy, and it so understandable if you haven’t let go like these people in our compilation. We’ve collated 16 interesting tweets of people who haven’t gotten over their exes, and they prove things equally develop after an end of a relationship. Enjoy!


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