Woman Says She Was 'Raised To Take Care Of Her Husband', And People Are Divided

Social media can be quite a good friend who speaks the ugly truth. Twitter, in particular, has proved it can go against the expected and become your worst nightmare. The platform can come after you, make memes out of you, and remarkable slam you into the ground. Being old-fashioned was recently criticized on Twitter after user @bklangleyyy from Texas says she was explicitly raised to take care of her husband. Her belief has since sparked outrage, especially as she detailed what kind of wife she would be.

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@bklangleyyy, from Texas, was slammed on Twitter for claiming she was raised to take care of her husband

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From making his plate every night, washing his work clothes, making sure he’s up for work the next morning to always having a clean house from him to come home to, among others, are just a few of the things @bklangleyyy claim she will do for her man. The student did describe the lifestyle as old-fashioned but insisted she perfectly fine with it. 

It turned out, Twitter users weren’t in agreement with her concept and were quick to drop their opinions. Many looked at numerous aspects of the tweet, claiming it sexism at work and an internalized misogyny. 

Most Twitter Users Didn’t Tackle Brylea’s Belief Kindly And Gave Their Own Opinions

In a separate post, @bklangleyyy claim her mom has been doing it for over 20 years, and that’s what she saw growing up

A Few Didn’t React Harsh, Claiming They Don’t A See A Problem If Her Husband Is Reciprocating