A Mom's 15 Funny Comics Draw The Rarely Spoken Side Of Maternity

Before trying to conceive, almost every woman understands what the list of common pregnancy symptoms is like. And so it’s naturally believed that all have been heard and even known. But regardless of how much you read or perhaps ask friends who’ve been there, some things hinged on maternity are still rarely spoken about. You’ll agree that talking about the harsh reality of motherhood will significantly help upcoming moms, and so, talented artist Inna Sacali has taken up the challenge. 

Artist Sacali of Moldova has created a series of comics about the life of a modern mother. Posted on an Instagram page that’s dubbed: ‘the good mood zone; the artist touches on issues that range from children's mischief, bizarre side of parenthood, and even recommendations from experts. Sacali's comics are everything a mother can relate to, and they’re illustrated with a slice of humor. So far, we’ve been impressed with her artworks and couldn’t just resist sharing her latest to brighten up your day. Have a look!

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