25 Women Show Off Their Catfishing Vs. Normal Daily Life Look

Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, Snapchat, and Instagram, can be quite a tricky place, where physiques are often misleading and nothing near what it seems. In the era of easy photo-snapping and video editing, Snapchat and even TikTok users can now portray an image of themselves which mostly are a far-cry from reality. A big thanks to TikTok’s #CatfishChallenge, creators are called to expose themselves as catfish by sharing a photo and footage of themselves all glamorous, followed by a clip of what they initially look like. 

The revelation at the end is downright hilarious, yet over 400 million people have participated and still ongoing. The viral sensation has indeed been making rounds throughout 2020, and it’s explicitly been adopted to refer to anytime someone presents themselves online as more attractive than what they are. As social media has become a significant part of life, we all are guilty of showing the best versions of ourselves with extreme makeup and filters; hence we can’t blame ourselves but advanced technology. Here we’ve compiled TikTokers newest, and they’re guaranteed to make crack up real good.


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