Woman Tweeted Why Men Are '100% Responsible For Unwanted Pregnancies', And It Went Viral

‘Men are responsible for unwanted pregnancies’ is a very debatable topic. But it turned out, an author from Oakland, California, has given the mentioned above a deep thought and has even come up with the possible consequences, including theoretical solutions. Author Gabrielle Blair, the founder of Altitude Design and Design Mom, kicked off a series of tweets highlight why the problem of abortion should be on men since they’re 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies. 

The mother-of-six, who belongs to the Mormon faith, claim she has continuously been hearing men grandstanding about women’s reproductive rights, which made her realized that men have zero interest in eradicating abortion. Gabrielle explains that if a society wants to prevent abortion, it needs first to avoid unwanted pregnancies caused by irresponsible ejaculations. However, the scores of tweets have collectively got hundreds of thousands of retweets and agreeable comments. Do scroll down gently while you glance through Gabrielle’s opinion on the subject matter. Enjoy! 

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Men: what can YOU do to help us?

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