Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue On Hair Raised More Than $20k As She Plans To Visit A Surgeon

After 40-year-old Tessica Brown went viral from sharing her hair getting stuck for a whole month because she mistakenly used Gorilla Glue on her hair, the newest update was rather positive as she's heading one step towards freedom. Tessica previously shared that her hair doesn't move at all for a whole month after she used Gorilla Glue in replacement of her usual hairspray that she ran out of. She didn't pay attention to the labels and made the wrong decision to use the construction grade glue for her hair.

Stuck for a month - Tessica Brown has washed her hair 15 times and used coconut oil to no avail.


Stiff where????? Ma hair

The TikTok video has been viewed more than 24 million times, and she's been regularly updating her followers regarding her hair on her social media platforms.

With a regrettable expression, Tessica bid goodbye to her tightly braided long hair in a recent update.


Tessica went to her professional hairstylist to resort to another method to break down the glue. Her hairstylist explained in the video, "We've been using acetone every day trying to soften it up."

"It kind of feels like it may have softened up a bit, but we're going to use this," she continued while showing a can of 'Goof Off.' "We have some on here already, but I'm going to add a little more, and then we're just going to cut this whole ponytail off and try to let it breathe a little bit," she added.

Many followers have been suggesting using Goof Off because you will need a commercial, construction-grade bond-breaker for equal grade glue.


The hairstylist took out giant orange scissors and began hacking off her hair. After applying the Goof Off, the hair was successfully cut. Her scalp remains hard, although they were convinced that it'd softened a bit compared to before.

The aftermath of cutting off the long hair.


"I was able to get the ponytail off, but it's still not opening it up as you all can see,' the hairdresser explained.

"It's still kind of hardened, so we're not letting the air in too much, but there's a little opening right there. So she might get a little bit of air out of there but not much because it's still pretty hard."


She still plans to head to Los Angeles to meet up with a doctor who may have the solution to her predicament, according to a source that spoke to TMZ.

A GoFundMe page has launched by her

She's set up a GoFundMe account that's crowdfunded $9,000 to help her with the situation. The procedure that she's looking to help her with this situation cost her $12,000, by the Beverly Hills doctor, Dr. Obeng.

Till now, over $20,000 donations have flooded in.

Previously, she had to spend 22 hours in the ER where nurses tried using rubbing alcohol to take off the glue.

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She went home with prescriptions and had been sticking to rubbing alcohol.

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But it had been irritating her scalp with no significant results on the Gorilla Glue that's hardened on her scalp and hair.

The Beverly Hills doctor that she's meeting, however, promises a medical-grade glue dissolver.

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She previously shared a video of how she and her hairstylist attempted to help her apply what was prescribed to help with her situation.

Gorilla Glue has also released an official statement to warn people against following this woman's action.

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As her Gorilla Glue saga continues, Tessica's followers on both TikTok and Instagram grew exponentially.

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As of currently, her Instagram account has been verified with more than 743k followers there. Her update on her ER visit was viewed more than 3 million times on the photo-sharing app.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, she's found herself more than 843k followers.

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