Influencer Confidently Reveals The Secret Behind 'Perfect' Instagram Pictures

We're living in a world where people think you look really ugly with cellulite. You also look ugly if your tummy isn't flat, and that flappy extra fat is a disappointment. However, body positivity influencer Danae Mercer doesn't think so.

She's fought for years to tell people that it's okay. You are not ugly as long as you put your health first. She proves how she can post your typical Instagram perfect pictures - right next to her actual appearance before they're edited to convince people. She also exposes how you can edit your pictures, deflate tummies, remove cellulite, and look perfect online. More importantly, however, she teaches people to love themselves without having to rely on those tools.

"On social media, we tend to only see ‘GOOD’ angles," said Danae Mercer.

Danae actively speaks about self-love and the danger of the 'perfect image' social media often promotes. It isn't wrong to want to try to project your best online, but oftentimes, people work really hard that projecting a perfect image becomes mandatory.

"All those workouts and those incredible recipes and those people doing amazing things with their amazing partners in their amazing quarantined homes? It’s filtered," Danae added.

"Social media is a HIGHLIGHT REEL more than it is REAL."

She often shares pictures focusing on the cellulite of her bum and thighs.

Danae recalls how she used to read an article that tips people on how to hide their extra fat. It included how you can dig a hole in the sand on the beach so it would look less. This behavior continued until she was an adult. "I still held myself sucked in or avoided crossing my legs because heaven forbid anyone should see my CELLULITE," she explained.

It's not wrong to want to pose when taking pictures, but why are you not allowed to relax when you want to? Danae reminded people, "Posing is great fun, but NOT POSING doesn’t make you worth ANY LESS."

She also reminds people to not focus on their weight goal, but on their health.

More than 2 million followers on her Instagram are everyday reminded that they're pretty even with cellulite.

There are ways to make your Instagram pictures perfect: posing the right way!

Normal people who eat healthily will experience that extra bump on their tummy at night!

"Body acceptance tells us that even on our bad days — and we will have bad days — we are still worth KINDNESS. We still deserve FOOD," Danae wrote.

Danae, who works as a journalist, used to be an editor for Women's Health ME. Now she regularly shares her thoughts on the 'Talking Out Loud' podcast and reminds women of self-love, self-respect, and body acceptance.

Inclusivity is also an important part of her activities.

Hey, apparently, every human being in this world does have cellulite and it's normal!

It's a normal part of the human body. It does not mean you're sick. As a mother, you can even be prouder because it's a mark that reminds you what an amazing human being you were.

But seriously: just be YOU. There's no need to 'become a knock-off version of THEM.'

Danae shared, "I spent a lot of my life moving around. New homes. New schools. New people. And without realizing it, I’d always kind of adapt to my environment."

"I’d pick up hobbies I didn’t enjoy. Go to parties I didn’t like. Hang out with people that fed my anxiety, not my aspirations," she admitted. She warns people not to change their bodies just so they can be 'worthy' of someone's love or to be accepted.

"Because you, in all your unique glory, you’re an original piece of art."