Carrie Bradshaw’s $2125 Wedding Shoes Discovered At A Thrift Shop For Just $35

Dr. Liz Allen did not expect to come across a $2k+ glam blue pumps on her shopping trip to the Vinnies' last week. The demographer from Australian National University chanced upon a pair of Manolo Blahnik blue satin pumps on the secondhand store's rack, Vinnies' in Australia.

She quickly snapped a picture of the size 38 shoes she found in Belconnen, Canberra, and shared her discovery on Twitter. Along with it, she did not forget to caption the pumps' price, which was $35, asking if anyone's interested in the pair.

A snap of the blue satin, handcrafted stilettos by Manolo Blahniks on the shelves of a Vinnie's store.

DrDemography -Via

DrDemography -Via

It has been 9 years since the movie was released and brides all around Australia never stopped dreaming and loving the pair of gorgeous shoes. The 'Hangisi' pumps come in eleven different colors and are handmade in Italy. A square crystal buckle adorns the almond toe pumps, cow leather, kid leather, and silk are used in the making of the pumps.

The shoes' original price is listed at $2,125, with the royal blue color being the most searched out of all due to the popularity of the movie.

Manolo Blahnik -Via

It is a similar pair to what Carrie Bradshaw wore in 'Sex and the City' when the character Sarah Jessica Parker played was married to Mr. Big.

Samantha Maiden immediately urged the demographer to purchase the pair ASAP.

Another commented on the beautiful design, "Look at the work. Manolo you've done it again."

Another shared how her friend also got an amazing catch at Vinnie's, commenting, "My friend found a Louis Vuitton handbag at Braddon Vinnies last year - we calculated about $2600 in today's rates."

One even shared how she got a similar pair for only $6! She added that she might not wear them, but it was a catch that was totally way more than what she bargained for.

The gorgeous pair of shoes was listed at only $35 for anyone wearing size 38.

DrDemography -Via

However, another user pointed out that the pair she found might have been fake, showing her real pair of the same model and color.

helenpringle -Via

"You can see here how the label is sewn in with neat even stitches, not just tacked at the ends. And the marks on the sole are quite different, e.g., lower case for 'hand made in Italy.' And the finish is off too," the user wrote.

On closer scrutiny, Renato Castello also agreed that it might have a pair of dupes. Renato showed how the 'hand made in Italy' had been printed in lowercase on his pair.

However, the user also added that one should not be too worried because the shoes looked just like the real thing and wrote, "But whatever, who looks at your shoe soles?"

People are still absolutely in love with the shoes.

DrDemography -Via

Some people wonder why this iconic pair of pumps were donated. Some people hinted that former Foreign Minister of Australia, Julie Bishop, may have donated them from his footwear collection. She previously donated a pair of red satin pumps in the same size in 2018, the same pair she wore when she announced her resignation in 2018 to the Museum of Democracy in Canberra.

One can't help, but wonder...