Redditors Are Trolling Wall Street Investors With GameStop, And It’s Hilarious

Subreddit’s WallStreetBet has returned, taking on GameStop stock after a lockdown. For the past few days, the online community has been the center of an epic war with Wall Street Investors who had bet that both AMC Stock and GameStop would plunge. As the drama unfolded, the two companies’ stock has now soared, and Wall Street investors have reportedly lost billions of dollars. Specifically, the community launched a coordinated framework to skyrocket GameStop’s value in the stock market, urging investors to pour in funds. 

Now, GameStop shares have been witnessing a jump, recording a surge to an all-time high of nearly $373 share on Wednesday, having regularly been below $20. A big thanks to small investors using the r/WallStreetBet of over 500K members – the meme stocks are, on the other hand, flooding the internet. Social media platforms, including Twitter, are trolling hedge fund investors, and so we’ve compiled a few as they’re indeed ripe like the ever-growing GameStop’s stocks. Have a look and enjoy!

GameStop - The Trending Bitcoin Alternative

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It’s Surprising That A Firm Like Gamestop Could Become Highly Attractive To Investors As Today’s Big Tech Companies

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You Are Invited To The High Tech Firm Called GameStop

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Gamestop’s Stock Appears To Be Ever-Growing Like The Memes

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Hedge Fund Managers Being Screwed Is Highly Possible

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It's Obvious There's No Stopping Of Games

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The Hilarious Meme Of All Is Knowing Media Outlets Are Wrestling Between The Trolling And The Seriousness Of The Situation

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There Have Been So Much Discussion On Finances And Economy This Week That People Could Care Less Or Be Eager To Even Know About It

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Obviously, Still Confused

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Should You Care Now? Hmmm!

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The Short Squeeze And Sales, Including Meme Stocks, Are Undeniably Wild

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Learn The Market For A Gain Yearly!


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Spells Bounce Back, Hence Be Careful

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Garbage Company Turned Present Gameplayer


That short squeeze was crazy ##stocks ##investing ##forex ##bitcoin

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The Dunked On Wall Street Without Mercy