Elon Musk is Offering $100 Million Prize For Best Carbon Capture Technology Concept

The Tesla owner has made a huge offer to the public for those who can come up with the best carbon capture technology concept. The entrepreneur offers $100 million as a prize on his Twitter, an announcement that was made shortly after President Joe Biden signed the US' return to Paris Agreement to fight against climate change.

Carbon-capture tech is a very sought out research area due to its benefits towards energy utilization. Its key purpose is to reduce the release of carbon dioxide, 'capturing' it before it wreaks havoc on the earth's atmosphere even more.

Elon Musk made his announcement clear on Twitter, offering a total of $100m as the reward.

elonmusk -Via

elonmusk -Via

According to the IEA, just last year our CO2 emission has reached a total of 40 million tonnes. The Paris Agreement that the US has agreed to join back in has an ambitious, or rather, direly needed, agenda to address the climate change crisis as well as the fossil fuel impact.

So far, CCS, or Carbon Capture and Storage, is able to prevent 90% of CO2 emissions to escape into the atmosphere. However, the development of the technology stagnated around 2015 and began to pick up the pace again in 2018.

Elon Musk has always been actively investing in clean and renewable energy technology. This Solar Roof tile is one of them.

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Tesla launched Solar Roof, a technology that focuses on maximizing solar panels' potential as they double as your roof. These solar panel 'tiles' look very similar to a standard roof tile, but they are three times as strong as a typical solar panel in powering your home's electricity.

Musk also built a lithium-ion battery in Australia that provides electricity for the power grid for 24 hours in an area as wide as 10,000 sq meters. It was powerful enough to keep 30,000 homes powered up.

And that was just one of Elon Musk's current ambitions and goals!

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