Artist Makes Bad Portraits Of Celebs That Are Hilariously Accurate

Some people might think that Australian artist Tw1tter Piccasso is terrible at drawing. The small, sparsely placed eyes, the horrible shape of faces - he draws like a Piccasso, and it would be better to call his artwork abstract. But that's totally not what Ballpoint Papi intended.

His caricatures come in somehow still in the decipherable shape of a human, but what makes them so good is how he yet nailed the features, whether that's the hair color, the clothes, or the accessories. So good are his works that his Instagram now has more than 232k followers. They're hilarious, they're accurate, but they're also so ugly, you can't help laughing out loud at them.

He's done Lady Gaga's, Kanye West, The Weeknd... he's popular enough people even steal his art. Don't be fooled - these are the real Tw1tter Piccasso's doodle!

More Info: Instagram


Billie Eilish

Cardi B

Jadem Smith

The Rock

Will Smith

John Legend

Taylor Swift

Wiz Khalifa

Kanye West

Lady Gaga

Ariana Grande

Kendall Jenner

Logan Paul

Snoop Dogg

Justin Timberlake

Anthony Davis

Post Malone

Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish