25 Times People Made Hilariously Creative Christmas Trees Ever

Christmas is in full speed, and it’s less than 5days before the celebration of Christmas hits the atmosphere. Christmas trees tend to take center stage every season, and indeed no holiday decoration is more iconic than the good old Christmas tree. But at this point, tradition is meeting with modern themes and contrasting styles. Christmas trees are now created by individuals who have dared to step away from the orthodox into the contemporary. Because Christmas is tradition-filled doesn’t imply its decoration has to be traditional too. 

For several decades, symbolic trees have been used at Christmas as a sign of everlasting life with God, but over time, people have started to think out of the norm – going for something more unconventional. Using lab apparatus, succulent flowers, two hand saws amidst others, people have proven that a bit of creativity can make your tree an outstanding one. The possibilities are downright endless when it comes to DIY Christmas trees. If you’re searching for some inspiration, this compilation might spark up the designer in you—besides happy holiday decorating!

Christmas Tree Is Ready With A Flaming T-Rex On Top

ChaddiBhoot -Via

‘A Buddy Of Mine Put This Up As His Christmas Tree.’ Can You Spot The Caption?

Aphelion93 -Via

The Godzilla Christmas Tree

tyerod -Via

Here’s A Space-Themed Christmas Tree

khaosEmerald -Via

The Paper Clip Candy Canes And RAM Christmas Tree

LaggyRockets -Via

The Office Christmas Tree Portal Version

GOstrovskiy -Via

Ever Seen A Hand Saw Christmas Tree? Here You Go

The Tree An Art Center In A Hometown Put Up

[deleted] -Via

The Slightly Different Christmas Tree

SquibbVicious -Via

“My kind of Christmas tree.”

Browndog888 -Via

The Family-Designed Gingerbread Christmas tree. The Binary Numbers Read ‘Christmas Tree’

IBorealis -Via

Have A Look At The UFO Christmas Tree

honganle -Via

The Christmas Tree That Speaks Disagreement Amid Decorating

TheArcticBear -Via

The Creative Christmas Tree Made Out Of Sandbags

lady_run -Via

The Vegetable-Themed Christmas Tree

tabb_oule -Via

The Light Blue Vs. Golden Color Christmas Tree Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

sustainablemindz -Via

The Living Succulent Christmas Tree

crazysucculentlady -Via

Here’s A Levitating Christmas Tree

kristinahessling -Via

The IT Christmas Tree Made Out Of Monitors

thatpartyguy -Via

Tall Christmas Tree Spotted In A Neighborhood

Hello_Wisconsin -Via

Christmas Tree In A Public Library

Botatitsbest -Via

The Christmas Tree Made With Lab Apparatus

EarthwormEd -Via

A Tech Company Christmas Tree Design. ‘404 Decorations Not Found,’ The Description Reads

catlvr34249 -Via

A Tech Company Christmas Tree Design. ‘404 Decorations Not Found,’ The Description Reads

fmudhir -Via

‘Made Our Own Christmas Tree Where We Are Deployed’

jerm1820 -Via