Man Ordered 21 Meals From A Struggling Restaurant But Gave Fake Address And Refused To Pay

Ordering a meal and leaving without paying is recognized as theft, even if it isn’t consumed. Once requested and brought to the client’s table, it can’t be served to someone else; hence it must be thrown out. We all aware that the restaurant sector suffered quite a loss in 2020 due to the global pandemic. Many eateries, including restaurants, shut down while a few stayed afloat amid struggling. 

An Australian man has proven he isn’t bothered with this glaring situation, ordering $170 worth of food from a struggling family restaurant but gave workers a fake address and refused to pay. The cruel man ordered twenty meals from a restaurant situated in Melbourne's Yarra Ranges area with a request for free delivery and payment on arrival.

The cruel man gave the delivery driver a fake address and cost the struggling restaurant $170 in wasted food

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But as it appears, the man has wasted the restaurants' food after it was taken to a home that doesn’t exist. In viral screenshots of the order, the man had requested 11 chicken plus vegetables and rice, three pork plus vegetables and rice, five beef plus vegetables and rice, and two lambs plus vegetable and rice. Likewise, the screenshot showed the text exchange between the man and the driver. 

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The man was informed his food was on the way, to which he responded with a thumbs up. But after the driver showed up at the given address and found out its fake, the restaurant worker sent a text saying the address he provided isn’t correct. To this, the cruel man responded: ‘I know. F**k heads!’ 

‘Thank you for letting a local struggling business down by doing these kinds of inhuman jokes. Blessings.’ The restaurant responded, to which the man also replied, saying: ‘You stupid c**t. No one wants to buy your s**t. I have a housewife, so I don’t need your f***king food.’


Expectedly, the cruel prank sparked outrage after the text exchange was shared to Reddit. ‘I don’t think people understand what a prank is vs. being a**hole.’ A user commented. A second added: ‘Irked me that didn’t say he had a wife, but a housewife, like that, ’s her whole identity. Feel sorry for her. She probably has to put up with this sort of stupid power game s**t too.’ Nevertheless, a few users were prompted to take action against the man as many sought legal assistance.