28 Hilarious Times Photos' Background Was Better Than The Foreground

Photos are reminders of the happiest moments in life! And since they’re our treasure, we all tend to capture the perfect shot. But isn’t it infuriating to find out that someone has ruined your right image? In today’s society, people can’t seem to get their hands off the cameras, and indeed, Photobombing has become mainstream.

We are naturally used to paying attention to the main action of having a perfect photo, but a lot of times, the background turns out to be so much more exciting. This is precisely the best description of our compilation. We’ve compiled pictures that are worth looking at due to what’s happening in the background. Have a look and don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones!

Kid In Background Of News Report Gets Stuck In A Lifejacket

To A Photo Of A Man & His Daughter To Show What They Would Look Like In Ten Years’

Philchil23 -Via

Fiona, Behind The Glass, Witnessed This Lovers Special Day

hayley_roll -Via

Little Guy In The Background Looks Creepy

Htxbia -Via

The Cheerleading Routine

Get_Stamosed -Via

Dogs Can Also Poop Out Rainbows

danorm -Via

Photo Taken At Perfect Timing Amid Vacation In California

Noobytoe -Via

From Queen Elizabeth joining in on Australian Field Hockey to a kid stuck in a lifejacket amid news reports, these hysterical photos prove perfect photos can’t be staged. People have been sharing their unforgettable Photobomb moments, and they did demonstrate that timing is crucial to nailing a shot. 

The Most Iconic Family Photobomb Ever

jpawli -Via

Horses Can Be Such An Elegant Creatures

A_fish_called_tiger -Via

How’d You Have Reacted To Being Photo Bombed By Batman?

MeatheadMilitia -Via

They Might Not Even Know Each Other

gracefuego -Via

Tim Duncan’s Unexpected Photobomb

jaycrew -Via

This Guy Look Stunning In That…..

drocks27 -Via

Great Night Is Not For All

RemoteControlArtist -Via

Well, This Is An Outstanding Photobomb

vanillapopcorn -Via

A few of these collection features animals mistakenly finding themselves posing for a photo and evidently, many important things happen in the background. The foreground isn’t the main focus, but the background will certainly make you take a look twice. Do read on and have an in-depth glance!

This Should Be Dubbed Iconic!

sloppyFarts -Via

It’s Behind Me……Right?

ngshay -Via

Smiling Horse Stole The Spotlight

OceanGoingSoul -Via

The Best Photo Ever Taken

heyitslolo -Via

Taking The Perfect Pic With The Tower Of Pisa

Jkoos -Via

Dog Couldn’t Resist Not Being Included In Couple Photo

Can You Spot The Boy In The Background? Lol!

Trampolice -Via

Being A Cop Shouldn’t Kill The Sense Of Witty Humor

[deleted] -Via

A Photobomb is a random act to spoil a photo by suddenly appearing in the camera’s field of view. The 1st Photobomb was believed to have been born in 2009, but it’s apparent that the practice has become quite popular since then. We hope this background of photos gives you the chance to laugh together with us! 

Someone Felt Betrayed With The Photo Of Woody In Times Square

kazaamx -Via

Here’s The Best Accidental Photobomb Ever

SarkyTyke -Via

Queen Elizabeth Joined In On Jayde Taylor’s Selfie -An Australian Field Hockey Player

jaydetaylor -Via

Old Lady Is A Slash Fan, But She Isn’t Aware That Slash Was Standing Behind Her

meeganhodges -Via

Sharks Can Be Cute When They Photo Bomb Your Selfie

SerialPest -Via

Ever found strange things in the background of your photo? While some people find this mentioned above annoying, a few are lucky enough to capture Photobombs that is hilariously too good not to share with the world.