20 Hilariously Strange Things People Done When They Almost Lost It

The human mind is like an innovative aircraft, possessing auto-pilot abilities. We (humans) don’t essentially have to focus on every task given, as the body naturally flows through on the actions without our mind focusing on it. The main reason you can drive around without paying much attention to the controls is the main reason. It turned out that our mind sometimes does not carry out the right function at the perfect time, and this, of course, has resulted in some epic fails.

Absent-minded people tend to get a bad reputation for being so unaware of the things around them. They’re vulnerable to be made fun of and shunned for not being alert. But then, have you ever viewed such an act from a humorous side? We can all use a good laugh! We’ve compiled 20 hilarious photos where people weren’t thinking as much as they needed to. Do have a look! 

Spaghetti With Mushrooms Forgotten In The Microwave For A Week. Now It’s A Ball Of Mold

yanbochen -Via

‘Put Both On To Get Wife’s Opinion. Forgot To Change Before Leaving For Work’

feltonpbeaver -Via

‘Mistakenly Pushed Broil Instead Of The Bake Button’

Munsterette -Via

Never Place Your Coffee Next To The Paint Water

kikkerc -Via

Half Of The Pill Was Taken Half Asleep. How’d You Have Reacted?

gaydhd -Via

At one point or the other, we don’t use the right tools to solve a problem, even when we have access to them, a big thanks to the absent-minded phase. In this technological age, a lot of people have proven to be absent-minded. Walking on the streets with heads looking at cell phones, surfing social media pages, and being absorbed in the latest video game amidst others are good examples of how absent-minded the world is emerging.  

Mug Is Placed Upside Down & Coffee Poured Onto Its Bottom

JayWewall -Via

Syrup Used Occasionally For Pancakes Discovered To Have Expired Seven Years Ago

hungrymillennial -Via

‘After The Experience Of A 17th Heart Attack, I Realized I Just Had To Move The Lamp'

5_Frog_Margin -Via

‘My Friend & I Were Seeing A Horror Movie. Each Time A Creepy Scene Surfaced, I Will Hid My Face On Friend’s Shoulder. Turned Out, I Had Makeup On And Here’s The Result’

bulochkairisa -Via

Someone Forgot To Place The Lid On The Paint

revenge_for_greedo -Via

Do you know that brilliant and talented beings are sometimes absent-minded? The mind's concentration in solving a problem isn’t the problem, but sometimes the brain does play tricks on us with cognitive biases. It’s not surprising that many people have difficulties with attentiveness – no one can undoubtedly escape the brain's pranks. Besides, no amount of sticky notes can, at times, remind us of what needs to be. 

This Guy Went Into The Bank and Grocery Store Looking Like This

H414 -Via

‘I Was About To Pour A Drink When I Observed Two Of The Ice Cubes Were Pizza Rolls’

TheTonz -Via

Soaking Hands In Milk Can Help You Through The Chill Of Oil. But Isn’t There Gloves To Wear?

CandyBehr -Via

‘I Just Returned Home After A Month Only To Find That Water Had Been Running In The Bathtub’

chiledoesntexist -Via

When You Forget To Put Water In The Cup Before Microwaving The Ramen, Your House Will Smell Awful

Kazhel -Via

Have you ever stood up in a gathering and forgot what you originally had wanted to say? This is no alien to humans. However, it appears that learned pieces of information are chasing us, and it might indeed be the cause of getting unconscious with things around us. Planet Earth, on the other hand, provided us with unending opportunities to fail. You could accidentally push broil instead of bake and forgot to pack your gym shoes. 

‘I Just Finished Braiding Only To Find This Strand On The Back Of My Neck’

throwRA2748596 -Via

Mom Fell Asleep Amid Boiling An Unopened Can Of Condensed Milk To Make A Caramel. Here’s The Result

CarbonReflections -Via

Here’s What Happens When You Forget To Pack Your Gym Shoes

KempGriffeyJr4024 -Via

‘I Do Calligraphy, But Here I Misplaced The Circled In Character – A Part Of 300 Word Scroll Almost Finished After 5 Days'

SomeFoolishHooman -Via

When You Don’t Properly Shut Your Down, Expect The Moment Of A Monster Swarming Under Your Ceiling

catunderhood -Via

It’s possible to fail at just fetching an early morning coffee! As human beings, we aren’t far from moments of failures or straight up facepalm moments. Nevertheless, which of these do you find relatable?