Artist Honestly Draws His Life With Girlfriend In 30 Comics

You will agree that sighting a comic hinged on a relationship is always unique. And it’s possible that Xanh Mượt didn’t think his relationship comics will draw attention, but evidently, people are relating so much to them. With over 96K followers, the artist comics are among the most viewed comics on the internet. For Xanh Mượt, being in a relationship with someone requires support as it does have its unforeseen hurdles. Living together with a partner, the artist honestly illustrates the minutiae of their everyday living. 

All of these drawings are in good fun, and of course, you might see yourself in them. Ultimately demonstrating that love conquers all, Xanh also showcases situations we wouldn’t typically have thought of. Relationships are downright an endless pool of motivation apart from books and songs. So from crazy, weird to awkward moments, we’ve compiled 30 of the best ones for your glance. You possibly might get emotional after scrolling through. Enjoy! 

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You can easily fall in love, but what about staying in love? If you start living with your significant other, you might have to adjust a lot of things. And putting that in the limelight, artist Xanh comics are worth learning from. 







The hilarious angle of these comics will no matter leave you in thoughts. It’s funny, but also thought-provoking speaks volumes about true love. 







Xanh started capturing the everyday part of his relationship. Documenting tiny moments, these comics are sure to make you seek true love if you don’t have one. Similarly, it can remind you of the early days of the relationships you have had.






Huge and profound moments are crucial in relationships, but the tiny moments often build the foundation of true love. Do you agree with this statement? 






Ever felt entirely comfortable to be weird in your relationship? If YES, You will appreciate the artwork of Xanh. It honestly sums up what it’s like to be in love, and you definitely will dub its harsh realities.