19 Hilariously Worst Designs People Ever Encountered With

A lot of things are taken into consideration when designing a product or even space. Attention to detail is a crucial skill for an interior designer or and even for a product designer. But despite this statement, mistakes are inevitable in any job across the world. For a few designers, their mistakes happen to be more noticeable than others, and in our today’s world, the risk that someone will share it on the internet for a good laugh is 100% possible. 

Someone did, however, share some hilarious epic design fails, and we’ve compiled 20 of the best ones. We guarantee they will leave you laughing in tears, and perhaps it might be accurately perfect for some individuals. From ear placement on a little fox mug, boogie board to transparent partitions, these designs with tiny pitfalls aren’t easy to miss. Have a look and brace up for a bumpy ride.

Where Are You Expected To Walk?

randmnes_kid -Via

Most places mainly use the Xs or dots to indicate where to stand or stop. The walkway design is meaningless but turned out they were spaced at one meter apart to help people keep a two-meter distance. 

The Hammer Which Bends When In Use

Edex2323 -Via

The Automatic Pet Feeder Isn’t Evidently To Scale

SymphonyForTheDevil -Via

Expectation vs. reality is the definition of this image.  The device for cats and dogs, meant to dispense an amount of food at a selected time, has crushed reality. Besides, it’s best to aware of dogs with no shadow. 

Staircase? Can You Spot It?

Paarnahkrin -Via

Possibly, the designer never thought of twisted and broken angles/legs. Besides, who design a staircase with black and white tiles? Of course, this designer did, and it’s a horrible decision. 

Why That’s Smile So Serious?

RendomBlazen -Via

The smile looks spooky. Is humans’ mouth this widens? And of course, Fany express would have to pay a fortune to have this displayed. 

Security Gate Is Also An Unnecessary Ladder

pcjcusaa1636 -Via

This gate is quite a unique achievement but looks like a security theater.  Anyone can reach through one of the rungs and open the entrance from the inside. Hence, it’s not a good design.

Here’s One Perfect Way To Mix Things Up When In A Bathroom

orangejuice1234 -Via

This design is attention calling, and we can’t but agree; it’s what the designer sought for. On the other hand, it’s one perfect way to mix up things when using such a restroom. Can you imagine people’s reactions? 

The 'Look At Me The Whole Time While Eating Burger' Chair

MoonSauceAppleShake -Via

This design is definitely for a marketing campaign, and the brain behind this knows what he or she aims at. It’s hilariously awkward and makes you cringe hard. Meanwhile, it’s the perfect gift for your disturbing neighbor. 

The Traumatizing Leggings

socalchris -Via

Brace up as these leggings will traumatize your eyeballs. Will anyone ever wear these leggings and look good in it? Printed with hamburgers, would you rock it?. 

Ear Placement On A Little Fox Mug

CosmeBuzzanito -Via

There’s nothing more infuriating like a good eye-stab every morning when taking coffee. Can you imagine the stabbing pain that comes with this cup? Just think of it!

The Waterloo Toilet Design

Grantscheam -Via

What will be your first reaction on entering this toilet? For some individuals, this is perfectly fine and creative, but it’s spookily stylish for many. Personally, encountering this toilet remains hellish. 

This Sign?

Elchrich_Elch -Via

Mother shouldn’t have to deal with this sign. Portraying one of the motherhood struggles, a mother can get infuriated at just looking at this sign. Hilariously annoying, right? 

The Ridiculous Pooh Bear Print

mrq33 -Via

The Pooh Bear Print has proven it’s never getting old. Every child loves the Pooh bear, but this design is a hilarious turn. Besides, the whole scene showcases conjoined bear twins sharing a pair of legs.

Is this Boogie Board Cursed?

mjpoodi -Via

Finally, we’ve got some looking fish who rocks smiling faces. If you haven’t seen, here’s an adequate proof! 

Check Out The Backside Of This Dunkin Donut Costume

miketutaj -Via

What will be your reaction at sighting this costume? First, it looks weird. Secondly, it can easily scare little children away, and thirdly, which designer made this? The Dunkin Donut Costume? 

Transparent Partitions In A Toilet

shanishomo -Via

The separators in this public bathroom are not for shy people. If you are brace up for an expose, give it a shot using this bathroom. But still, it’s better than nothing. 

Perfect Slide Of A Sink And Toilet

batataqw89 -Via

For convenience sake, the designer did think this was perfect, but on the other hand, it’s an ideal slide for brushes and toothpaste to fall. 

Plates Look Like It Hasn’t Been Washed In Years

RCoder01 -Via

This design precisely defines what a plate covered in mold or perhaps a bowl from the night before looks like. But indeed, a designer felt it’s perfect for display. 

The Carpet With Red Line Designs

Nayib_Ozzy -Via

Did someone bike through a murder scene before coming to the hotel? This design should scare anyone when checking in at this hotel, or what do you think?