20 Celebrity Parents Who Hilariously Trolled Their Kids And Made Everyone Laugh

Good parents understand there’s nothing more fun like trolling their children. And with social media at human’s beck and call, parents get to not only embarrass their kids but equally share it with the world to see. Quite a number of parent-shammers have emerged on the internet and interestingly celebrity parents are now joining the trend.

You’ll agree that every move made by celebrities are viewed millions of times, hence you can imagine how their kids would feel being trolled for the entire world to view. Taking next-level twists, these celebrity parents definitely deserve an award for their sense of humor and here we’ve compiled 20 of the best examples. We hope our compilation cracks you up real good. Do have a look!

Serena Williams’ Husband, Alexis Ohanian Wrote On Daughter’s Photo: ‘Hmm That Looks You Yummy’ #Wimbledon

olympiaohanian -Via

Will Smith Hilariously Remake Son Jaden’s Music Video

willsmith -Via

Judd Apatow, A Film Director Made His Daughter Iris Uncomfortable With His Male Model Looks

juddapatow -Via

David Beckham Trolled Son Brooklyn For Bragging About His Followers On Instagram

davidbeckham -Via

Denise Jonas ‘Disliked; Her Son’s Face Swap Picture

joejonas -Via

Mick Jagger Trolled Son Lucas With A Comment On Instagram

mickjagger -Via

‘Another F***in Selfie.’ Zoe Kravitz Dad Commented On Her Smoky Eye Look

zoeisabellakravitz -Via

Madonna Schooled Mrbobbyrich On Son’s Photo On Instagram

mrbobbyrich -Via

Alec Baldwin Is Definitely Not A Fan Of Daughter’s Sexy Pictures

irelandbasingerbaldwin -Via

That Moment Sarah Hyland’s Mom Complimented Well Adams (Daughter’s Fiance) On His Cute Looks

wellsadams -Via

David Beckham Told Son Brooklyn To Get Off Facebook Live And Head To School

brooklynbeckham -Via

Judd Apatow Hilariously Trolled His Daughters Iris And Maude With This Photo

commentsbycelebs -Via

Mom Leslie Mann Called Daughter Iris Out For Her Makeup Talents

irisapatow -Via

Victoria Beckham Trolled Son Brooklyn About Having Dolls As Play Toys

victoriabeckham -Via

TV Host Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Embarrassed Daughters On Instagram

katiekimmel -Via

Hilarious Moment Judd Apatow Didn’t Know Actress Lena Dunham Took Daughter Iris On A Trip

lenadunham -Via

The Moment Kelly Ripa Told Daughter Lola To Switch Off Her Phone And Go Clean Out Her Room

kellyripa -Via

Barbara Streisand Told Stepson Josh Brolin ‘Show Me Your Teeth’

joshbrolin -Via

Moment Jerry O’Connell Taught His Daughters What Good Music Sounds Like

Jerry O'Connell -Via

Ryan Reynolds Completely Tarnished His 6-Month-Old Daughter’s Art Talents

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