20 Amazing Before & After Transformations Stories Of Addicts Who Are Totally Clean Now

Drug and substance abuse is an epidemic that has gripped the world. Societies and governments are pulling together resources to try and revert the trend. One Kevin Alter created "The Addict's Diary" so that people would have a place online to share their failures, successes, and lessons they have learned throughout their path to recovery from addiction.

Empowering people to speak up, the platform allows those affected by substance abuse to share their story, offering a sense of togetherness  informing the unaware of the gruesome realities of this epidemic.

Reading their inspirational stories you have to admit, there's something intrinsically human in suffering and persevering against the odds.

#1. Misty Loman

The Addict's Diary

She is internet famous for meth progression. What most people don't know is Misty was diagnosed with Lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma (hardening of the skin). She also suffered the deaths of not one but three children, which was ultimately pushed her into drugs.

Through this hardship, This woman has been in recovery for a few months now. If she can fight this fight, there is no worldly reason we can't!


The Addict's Diary

613 days ago he entered a rehab facility Physically, mentally & spiritually broken. He had lost everything and thought that death was what he deserved. Two years later, he remained clean and sober choosing to lean on to the lessons addiction taught him.

#3 Shaun weiss

The Addict's Diary

A few months ago, Shaun Weiss was arrested on drug charges. He starred as Goldberg in our childhood favorite film Mighty Ducks. Now he has over 200 days sober and a brand new smile.

#4 Emerald.

The Addict's Diary

 Heroin and meth addiction  had her living in motel rooms and shelters. Being a shell of a human being, she couldn't be a good mother for her two boys and they were eventually taken away from her.
She Recently turned  21 months, drug free and even won custody of both her boys. 


The Addict's Diary

She nearly died in the streets from a heart infection and starving for days at a time. But that's just to begin with. Everyone abandoned her, even hospitals turned her away and left her to die because they wouldn't treat her. In the midst of all that suffering, she found the strength to get clean, and even get heart surgery she so needed at a different hospital.
It's been a rough ride, but she's been clean for six months, and has even moved in to a shared house with her little space, and even bought herself some nice things.

#6 Nikki Sixx

The Addict's Diary

"19 years of gratitude one day at a time. It is the road worth traveling if you are struggling. Old timers are here to guide us but new comers to sobriety are the greatest gift to this simple program. Of course it's not always easy. First thing I did and continue to do is cut toxic people outta my life, then comes the first step and then freedom (if you work it).  I am a better man, father, husband, friend, band mate and creative spirit because of this program. I LOOK UP EVERYDAY AND SAY THANK YOU" - 


The Addict's Diary

Change is possible but you have to find the strength to ask for help.. please if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction reach out! It’s never too late!


The Addict's Diary

Two months into their  relationship she found him overdosed on the bathroom floor. When most women would run, she stuck by his side.  She held his hand as the ventilator pushed air into his lungs. 

For a full year, he put her through hell but she never left. They have now  been together for 6 years now. The first year was terrible, but the last 5 years he has been sober.


The Addict's Diary

He celebrates 5 years being clean.  He was a crack ,heroin, and pill addict for 30 plus years. The 1st photo is in active addiction. The 2nd photo is at 5 years clean. 

#10 Jorden

The Addict's Diary

 He has been using  heroin and meth for the last ten years of his life.  inability to deal with life stressors  led him to resort to  a needle and spoon. Living in complete misery and dereliction for years and using anyone he could just to get the  next shot of dope

Having  been to treatment 8 times, each time he never fully surrendered to any type of program or new way of life. However, he  never stop trying and on January 1st, 2020 he started his 8th court orderd treatment session. The longer he stayed the more he actually put forth some effort and before long, things started to change. He is now 6 months clean and life couldnt get any better. 


The Addict's Diary

His mom kicked him out when he wouldn’t stop using drugs. She never gave him money when he was dope sick.
She yelled at him when he wouldn't stop using and took him to therapists. Even then, she wrote him letters while in treatment and constantly prayed for him. That is a mother who never gave up on her son and now he profusely thanks her for never giving up on him.


The Addict's Diary

Last summer we drugged hard, this summer we recovered even harder.


The Addict's Diary

She was addicted to  meth, fentanyl, and just about anything she could get her hands on. Homeless, sleeping in cars, on sidewalks, behind dumpsters, and  a complete prey to misery and depression she was on the verge of suicide.

The picture to the right is her,  72 days clean. She has never felt so much better about hersef than she did right then. She is so grateful for this program, 'The 12 steps, and his higher power', for they have brought light back into her life.
She's now pregnant with a son as well, and he’s a huge motivation for sobriety, but moreover she chose to  stay clean for herself.

#14 Hadassah

The Addict's Diary

She was a teenage mother and her baby daddy wasn't around when she went through the pregnancy. After having her son, she still wanted to be a teenager but unfortunately that isn't know how it works.

Many close friends and family tried showing her, but as you guessed she didn't listen.
After a night of being drugged, taken advantage of, and being on the verge of overdosing, her mother Jennifer Lane and Rebecca Adkins Goulart convinced her that she wasn’t a piece of crud. They said that they knew deep down she had a heart and soul.  Now she can proudly say that she's product of God. 


The Addict's Diary

To the left, she was running from the cops, strung out on heroin, and getting arrested. She hated life and simply wanted to die.

Some days she would wish to just OD and get it over with. Maybe then she'd stop hurting everyone she loved. She would steal money, food, and anything just to get that next high. Most of her friends and family had given up on her.

Eventually, everything is  bound to come to an end. One day, she found out she was pregnant, a shocking reality that made her cry for hours on end. How was she supposed to to take care of a baby when she couldn’t even take care of herself? She  needed something bigger than herself to believe in, which is why she believes God gave her a Daughter and now she's celebrating a little over 2 years of being clean!


The Addict's Diary

"Today I’m a grateful addict. I’m grateful for the people I have in my life, for the people who’ve helped me along the way, and continue to help me. Today I’m at peace. After all the relapses time and time again, I continued to try. That’s all we can do. Today I’m clean. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up clean. That’s what matters, one day at a time. Some days are hard and some days are easy. If we keep trying, WE DO RECOVER."


The Addict's Diary

5 years of sobriety and a life she's finally proud of. Two times she went to prison, Six felonies under her belt And more county jail arrests than she can even remember.
She now runs her own business, is married with kids. 

It's taken her a lot of nerve to tell this much of  her story, to put it out there for judgement, but she hopes maybe one person can see her change and feel like they have hope.


The Addict's Diary

She was a drug addict for 8 years during which she overdosed several times. In 2018 she was on life support twice due to drug abuse.
She got into legal trouble and lost custody of all her kids. Hopeless and wanting to die. God gave her another chance and she went to rehab in Barbourville KY. 
She sought the lord and got he set her free. She eventually won back custody of all her kids, has her own home and helps other women in similar situations.


The Addict's Diary

Her biggest tragedy also became her greatest asset -  addiction. She crawled from hell and hitch hiked home, time and time again. 
She's not embarrassed by the photo on the left, because it  empowers her to keep going by knowing how far she's come and what she overcame to be the girl on the right. 


The Addict's Diary

"Today, June 3rd 2020 marks my one year... that’s 1 year, or 12 months, or 365 days, 8760 in hours, 525,600 in minutes, 31,536,000 in seconds & I’m still standing."


The Addict's Diary

His third overdose was almost the last one, but not in the way you’d hope. He was in a coma for days, barely making it out alive. 

waking up made him realize that he was destined for something more than that life. Today, he is four months sober. And he believes that if  he keeps doing what he's doing, that will be be his last overdose.

#22 Donae

The Addict's Diary

A little while ago my grandma sent me a message saying, “ If you ever start to forget where you came from, here’s a reminder. I’m so proud of you!” Along with that, she sent me some pictures of me in active addiction. And can I just say ... WOW! Passed out in her bathroom, on the toilet, pants down, because I thought if it looked like I was actually using the restroom she wouldn’t suspect I was using drugs when she busted in. And passed out in her driveway because I was no longer was wanted inside anywhere and just needed somewhere I felt safe enough to use and sleep without the fear of cops or being seen. My life is a direct reflection of the work I’ve put in to get and STAY clean and I cant wait to see what this next year brings.


The Addict's Diary

258 days ago, he chose to get clean. Before then, he could never go minutes without putting something in his body.

He finally called it quits. The benefits of being clean and sober are phenomenal, but the biggest benefit is finally being somewhat okay with himself. The drugs and alcohol were just a piece of the problem. The past 8.5 months, he came to terms with the fact that there’s been a problem deep down inside for years and he's working on it.


The Addict's Diary

In The first picture she was a mugshot weighing 97 pounds and was being taken into the jail. She had a seizure and almost died (again). When she was rushed to the emergency room and put on a ventilator, guards were crying, because she had been there so much over the years, and they thought she was gone.

She now looks at the picture and sees a sad little girl who was running from all her problems and mistakes. Numbing herself with absolutely anything and everything she could find. 

Flash forward 21 months and she's a different person. In every way. Not just staying clean, she has a work ethic like she never had, confident and loves her life.


The Addict's Diary

 5 years ago, she was broken, lost, confused, and hated everything about herself. Her arms full of track marks, in and out of rehabs and hospitals. She would wear bandaids on her face to try to keep from picking the sores she made. 

She is tremendously thankful that she left that life for good. Her words of hope to any addict is ' No matter how far gone you feel or how hopeless it seems, I promise, there is hope. I pray Jesus meets you right where you are, that He heals your heart and breaks your chains. 5 years clean!"