16 Hilarious People Who Come With The Most Evil Pranks

People who have spent enough time with them can't ever really let their guard down at all times. They know there will be something hiding behind that corner, or maybe an evil scheme is being cooked when they are not looking. Either way, these pranks are so evil, yet so clever that all we observers can do are laugh at the victims. Really, where are the harms except for a few shocked individuals and maybe one diarrhea or two?


Will you take your chance?

PRF_Bai -Via

He risked his job, but that looks worth it!

joceyyys -Via

One shocked person coming up.

pivottofakie -Via

How the parents keep their children away from sneaking downstairs on Christmas.

JLow8907 -Via

A genius on the street.

bigballergirl -Via

For occasions when you can't avoid inviting them into your house.

AngelaBrisk -Via

When your mom hide all your favorite snacks in one that you hate.

Ryan_McCran -Via

Exhibit looks legit.

jackdudeham -Via

Making the families pray harder than ever.

kbiegel -Via

Any time can be midnight.


Friend needed help, so this person went a little extra.

Deno_Tron -Via

Nothing like scaring your out-of-town uncle with his new TV and a bit of Photoshop.

sjwaldo -Via

How could this teacher?

verious_ -Via

Disc tells man to flip for a disturbing picture. Man follows instruction.

alejansolo -Via

Parenting tip 101:

broughttoyoubytheletterq -Via

This mom who needed her daughter to pull an extra one for her.

xhaileysmith -Via