Artist's 10 Comics Show What Would Happen If Disney Princesses Visited A Psychotherapist

A lot of girls like to imagine themselves living in a beautiful magical world of Disney where Snow White talks with animals and meet 7 nice dwarves. Kids these days may be more acquainted with 'Frozen' where Elsa casts her magic and let snow fall softly whenever she wants. Some others really love Aladdin that talks of exploring a whole new world and the unique voice of genie by Robbin Williams.

But really, are these stories really tell about the harmless lives of princesses finding their love? Well, Venezuelan artist, Maria Guadarrama takes a slightly deeper dive into their stories and... really, kids, don't just eat food offered by strangers as Snow White did.

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#1 Snow White

#2 Belle

#3 Elsa

#4 Aurora

#5 Rapunzel

#6 Ariel

#7 Mulan

#8 Cinderella

#9 Jasmine

#10 Elsa