25 Hilarious Food Lies That Will Betray Your Trust

On a planet (Earth) slightly filled with fears and heartbreaks, there’s almost always one thing that tends to come to our rescue and that of course is Food. We all have that one food that’s sure to give our souls the uplifting it so desperately needs during hard times.

But have you ever experienced the same food shattering your trust? Turns out you can’t always trust that the companies who produce your food are being entirely sincere – these 25 photos are proof.

From an unexplainable juice equation, gluten-free cookies that actually contain gluten to deceitful cheese slice, these food listed in this article has hilariously spelled disappointment. Have a look and perhaps learn from the victims. Enjoy!

Yes, Don’t The Food With Bare Hand

Crusader_al -Via

Purchased 4 Pack Of Frozen Pretzels. Got Just Two With 17 Salt Packets

TheRealOcsiban -Via

Jack in the Box tacos.

GenieOfTheLamp510 -Via

Tin Horton’s Chocolate Donut Is A Betrayal

tini_10 -Via

Sausage From A Convenience Food All In One Package Doesn’t Fit Into The Bread Roll

HansTilburg -Via

This Sandwich Can Give Trust Issues

Stone Baked Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Quite Rude

ItsAlexBevan -Via

Life Indeed Can Be A Lie Or What Do You Think?

Based_Tyler -Via

Is This Really A New Bigger Size Or..?

sherlockhomeboy23 -Via

Panda Ice Cream Nailed It 100%

YouCantTakeMySoul -Via

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Actually Contains Gluten

coolsikboy -Via

Is Cap’n Crunch Ever A Captain?

This Easter Bunny Is A Master Of Deceit

30% Vs. 40% Bigger. What’s The Actual Difference?

hockeychick96 -Via

Pizza With Ham, Sour Cream, Cheese. Really!

SoNiK85 -Via

The Very Nice Hige Jumbo Shrimps

TheSoulOfTheRose -Via

Watermelon Can Also Betray You Real Hard

zinji707 -Via

The Deceitful Cheese Of Our Time

Captainium -Via

The Biggest Lie Ever Told ‘To Open Push Here’

ldawg092498 -Via

Only One Ravioli? What’s Going On Chef Boyardee?

TheFuckerUpperOfShit -Via

Two Scoops In Kellogg’s Vs. Reality

graeme3 -Via

Large Vs. Medium. Something Is Evidently Wrong

IsaacBrock -Via

Plenty Cranberries For Much Fun And Eat

arbuzer -Via

Lies! Lies! Everywhere You Go

The Math Here Isn’t Clear. 27% Vs. 100% Juice

world_alterer -Via