20 People Who Had Worst Ideas But Great Executions

We all know a friend or family with terrible taste and ideas. The cousin who overdoes her makeup and the friend who can’t stop putting on Hawaiian shirts. When these individuals make their unfortunate stylistic choices, it causes an eyesore, but then there are a few who still have terrible tastes but somehow make it work effectively.

Anyone can learn skills but certainly not taste. The lack of taste hasn’t, however, seem to prevent some people from developing ridiculous things with great executions. From a layered sandwich cake, mountain dewmon to the trash fashion outfit, we’ve compiled a list of people who executed really bad ideas perfectly. Ever thought of a tooth-corn with Grillz as a great idea, if yes, then have a look at this compilation. Besides, prepare up for a good laugh-out-loud!

The Dyed Fur

IDontHaveAHouse12 -Via

Mountain Dewmon

lajosyext -Via

This Is Good For A Good Rest, Maybe?

d3333p7 -Via

The Tooth-Corn With Grillz

IDoNotOftenReddit -Via

DKlark -Via

Guy’s Chain Mail Suit Vs. Tie Sold Separately

Notagenome -Via

The Jean Bag Chair For Relaxation

ehzstreet -Via

Painting Found Hanging In A Wedding Chapel Restroom

nettiespaghettii -Via

The Ultimate Bart Simpson Tattoo

Astridasteroid -Via

This Couple Are Evidently Committed To Crocheting

alixcamille -Via

The Tattoo Of Jon Sand Instead Of John Snow

bcn_dbl_chz_brgr -Via

For Times You Want To Wear A Clog But Your Outfit Goes Best With Sandals

u/LifeIsVenmo -Via

The Cheese Grater Acrylic Nails

uhhsamurai -Via

The Not-Needed Yet Brilliantly Executed Suit Of Armor

best_of_badgers -Via

True Love Is Everywhere, Even On Nails

alienvato -Via

The Repurpose Of Tennis Shoes. Quite Stunning!

jshinny1 -Via

The Crocheted Infant For A Good Laugh

JustANutMeg -Via

Trash Fashion Or Perhaps Trashion?

melrod524 -Via

The Dentist Waiting Room. Quite Innovative, Right?

Panda_911 -Via

The Layered Sandwich Cake With Growing Flowers

oureNotAGenius -Via